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10 Real Estate trends in the Algarve, in 2018

The economy has experienced the largest rise in GDP since the year 2000, largely due to the acceleration of the real estate sector. With these results, what is expected in 2018? According to surveys on the Portuguese Housing Market with regard to expectations of evolution this year, Casas do Barlavento points out some trends for the Real Estate Market in the Algarve:


  1. Increased demand for properties for sale
  2. Opening of more real estate agents
  3. Boost in the number of brand new houses (new construction)
  4. Continued investment in rehabilitation and restoration in historical centers
  5. Rise of house prices up to 4%
  6. British will continue to purchase holiday homes in Algarve even with Brexit
  7. Shortage of rental property and rent increases over the next 3 months
  8. Foreign investment in the luxury sector continues growing
  9. Increase in the number of hotel units and local accommodation
  10. Increased demand for construction land


Casas do Barlavento has very positive expectations for the real estate market this year, in the Algarve, and believes that its dynamism will continue to add value to the national economy.