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10 Best Winter Activities

Although we live in a sunny place, with around 300 days of sun per year, it doesn’t mean we don’t get bored and clueless on what to do in autumn/ winter seasons. Pay attention to the 10 most attractive activities to do from now on.

1)      Walk through the cliffs

There’s no such better way of doing exercise combining the opportunity of being dazzled with the stunning views over the Gold Coast. You can leave your car in Dona Ana, go up the cliffs by the stairs and start your walk from there. Why don’t you lose yourself in the rough valleys, marked by the presence of the fruit trees’ smell, as well as of the ocean? To walk is a great way of conquering cold and, furthermore, it is super worthwhile if you can walk alongside the amazing views on both Lagos and the Atlantic Ocean.

2)      Jeep Tour to Sagres

There is neither rain nor mud that can affect the adventurous jeep tours through the Western Algarve. This is the best way of exploring areas, beaches and scenarios that only locals know properly, taking place in very comfortable jeeps and giving the possibility of exploring the whole region, not to mention the opportunity to get through local gastronomy and to go for a bird watching. Make your reservation now in

3)      Wellness and Beauty Spa centres

Within Algarve, there are several spa, massage and wellness centres, so why not enjoy the cooler weather and quietness of the season to refresh your energies and take care of yourself?

One place we recommend is undoubtedly the Estrela da Luz resort Spa Centre, located in Praia da Luz (Lagos), offering a very relaxing atmosphere, where warm colours and exotic fragrancies predominate. The hot stones massage, with a duration of 1h30, is definitely one of the best experiences ever. Also known for the excellent service concerning health and wellness slope is the resort situated on the cliffs of Lagos, the Cascade Wellness & Lifestyle Resort Algarveband also highly recommended is the Boavista Golf & Spa Resort.

4)      Yoga and Meditation

We often hear, nowadays, about these modalities, but what is yoga about?

Yoga is the practice that aims to unify (yoga = union) body, mind and spirit. It is a practical philosophy, born in India and incorporated by the West lifestyle, leading to a natural way of healing and wellness.

 Whether you are used to the practice or not, the Inlight centre is the ideal place to get through the eastern practices, philosophies and teachings that, adapted to our societies’ patterns, will make you feel great as you so badly wished. Within the modality, you can always go for more dynamic and energetic classes, more relaxed and breathing ones or even the type of yoga that looks after strength and flexibility.

5)      Sailling abroad

Cold or not, cloudy or sunny, it’s always magic to go for a sailing day, at least for the possibility of appreciating the beauty of our picturesque coast from a sailing boat rippling through the sea and navigated by the wind.

“Southwest Charters” is a private boat charter company with its headquarters on the first floor of the Marina which provides a high quality service and unforgettable moments sailing off the coast of Lagos. Gather friends or family, and go for it. You’ll see how worthy is going to be.

6)      Wine tasting tour

If you are into the wines industry, then you know how pleasant is the Portuguese wine. How could you miss a wine tasting, especially from biological production of the Algarve? Get to know it in more detail by betting in a guide tour through the vines of Monte da Casteleja.

If you didn’t hear about this farm located in Sargaçal, only 3 minutes distant from Lagos, then here is a good opportunity to visit the website and make a reservation for one of the options available: a guided tour with wine tasting included, taking place each Tuesdays and Wednesdays, from 3 pm to 5 pm, with the cost of 12,50€, or simply the wine tasting, on Fridays, from 3pm to 6pm, costing 7,50€. “Observe, feel, breath and taste” the wine of Monte da Casteleja – here is the brand’s moto.


7)      Ridding a horse

From all transportation ways’ possible, let’s say that riding a horse is not only the most beautiful and pleasant, but it also goes backward in times, when the only available transport was the cottage. For the location and the mild clime of Algarve, it is so special to go for a ride through the rough terrains that enable to contemplate stunning views and magical scenarios, from the higher perspective once on the top of a majestic and elegant horse.

It's easy to find, within the whole region, equitation centres that rent their animals for a full day or by hour. One of the options is Quinta do Paraíso Alto, in Bensafrim, only 5 minutes distant from Lagos.

8) Bird watching

Such a natural activity should not be considered a recreative and social one, but, for our localization, with a big variety of sandy coasts, cliffs and mountains, humid areas and Mediterranean landscapes, the amount of birds is increasingly bigger and ranging.

Some places, such as Ria Formosa, Castro Marim or Sagres, are well-known to the great birds gatherings during the most vulnerable periods. Options are get to know about the most propitious areas to watch the species or, even better, going for a tour where you can count on a guide explanation, that will inclusively take you to the best birds’ exploration areas.


9)      Walking through historic town

Lagos, with more than 2000 years of history, is the «old portuguese window to the world» and one of the most important cities in the Portuguese maritime discoveries context, what means you can’t miss a walk through the historical walls and monuments, especially in these quite seasons, where you can absorb the atmosphere with calm and tranquillity.

The city centre is surrounded by medieval and renaissance style walls, thick fortifications that mark the urban and economic development of Lagos since the 16th century.

The Infant Dom Henrique square is probably the most well-known in Lagos and is the central point from where you can reach different points of cultural interest: The Slaves Market, the Santa Maria church, the Governors Castle and the Ponta da Bandeira fortress, located on the “Solaria” pier facing the sea. To the west of the town centre, you’ll find the Santo António church, a highlight amidst the historical monuments in the Algarve due to it being covered in gold.

10)  Cinema and Cultural Events

This is the perfect time to get updated at the cultural level. Can be by going to the cinema and watching the most recent movie from Oliver Stone, heading to a library to choose a great romance for the winter mornings or attending a great classical music show, with a great group of friends.

Lagos has two cinema studios, though there is no much variety, but you can also choose to go to Portimão, Guia or Faro shoppings, that have a wider range of movies available. See below what is available at the moment in Portimão and Faro cinemas.

If you want to attend to a great theatre performance, a music show or to participate in a contemporary dance workshop, then Municipal Theater of Portimão is the ideal place to go.