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10 Tips on How to Save Water at Home

Today, it is urgent to change habits to reduce domestic water consumption. Not only because we are going through a year of drought, but because this essential good is as indispensable as limited. To save on your monthly home bill while being eco-conscious, Casas do Barlavento presents you with some simple tips to apply to your daily routine:

In the bathroom

1. Keep the tap closed while you soap your hands, brush your teeth and shave (saves 10-30lt of water/day).

2. While waiting for the shower water to warm up, collect the first litres of water in a bucket, to use it to wash the floor and water the plants, for example

3. Use a method of placing a full bottle of sand or water into the toilet tank so that it spends less water per flush.


In the kitchen and washing the clothes

4. Avoid leaving the faucet open while washing the dishes. If you have a washing machine, don’t wash the dishes before putting them in the devise; choose to wipe them with a damp cloth to remove the leftovers, saving up to 75Lts.

5. Only operate dishwashers and laundry machines when they are entirely loaded or choose a shorter or economic program that will guarantee water saving.

In the garden, washing the car and pool

6. In the warmer month, water the plants and gardens when it is cooler, in the morning or at night, so that the water does not evaporate so quickly. Spray slowly to allow water to seep into the soil, which will mean less watering.

7. Place a water reservoir in your garden, where you can store rainwater for various uses.

8. Avoid washing the car with the hose always open. Choose the bucket and the sponge - so instead of 500Lt of water, you will end up consuming only 50Lts

9. Cover the pool to prevent water evaporation (you will save about 3800Lts water per month)

10. Regularly compare your water counter reading with your water bill to see the evolution of your expenses


The key to success is to rationalise consumption and not waste this precious good. It will make a big difference to your wallet, and the environment will thank you!