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2016 International Property Exhibition - Sweden

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After the success of the last year’s Gothenburg, Malmö and Orebrö exhibitions, Casas do Barlavento (CdB), in conjunction with their Swedish partners “PPI – Portugal Property Invest”, will once again be represented at Swedish exhibitions this year including Stockholm from the 24th and 25th September; Malmö from the 15th and 16th October and Gothenburg from the 12th and 13th November.


The success already at the 2015 & 2016 “International Property Exhibitions in Sweden”, where numerous contacts were established with some of the best qualified sales people, and amazing opportunities created, led to CdB’s decision to repeat the exhibitions this year, an easy one.


Expectations are very positive for this year's attendance at one of the most important real estate exhibitions, mainly due to the support of their Swedish partners PPI, with who CdB have “an excellent relationship, developed over two years of intense professional negotiations”, states the sales director of CdB, Paul Cotterell.


Laura Melling, one of our sales team professionals, having just returned from Stockholm reported that "approximatley 5.000 people passed through the doors of the first of the three exhibitions in Sweden that CDB will be attending", where once again we have had the opportunity to be part of a professional team and alongside some of the other leading estate agents from the real estate market in Portugal. "The amount of potential buyers, looking to live their dream in the Algarve was overwhelming". The first of three (Stockholm) has just been ticked off the list....

We are now looking forward to Malmaö on October 15th..