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18, aug 22 | Reading: 10 min.

3 Reasons to Spend your Winter Holiday in the Algarve | Casas do Barlavento

How about breaking the routine this year and spending a winter holiday in the Algarve? There is the perception that the Algarve is only a region of sun and beaches in the summer, but in reality, it is that and so much more! The low season can give you at least 3 reasons to spend your winter holiday in the Algarve. Take up the challenge and discover the sights and activities not to be missed in this region.


Image of a beach with the sea in the background and a surfboard.



  1. The weather in the Algarve

The sun shines on average 300 days a year in the Algarve, bringing more mild days compared to other parts of the country. The pleasant temperatures invite you to enjoy walks, outdoor activities and unique moments with family and friends. This special climate in the low season offers many opportunities for excursions in the calmness of winter days. In the Algarve, there is less traffic and fewer crowds in the leisure areas, which makes for a quieter holiday.


  • What are the annual weather averages in the Algarve?


The average maximum and minimum temperatures in the Algarve can vary throughout the year, but there is always a pleasant feeling and no room for extremes.


- Winter temperatures: Maximum 17oC / 62.6oF and 9oC / 48.2oF minimum;

- Spring temperatures: Maximum 22oC / 71.6oF and 13.5oC / 56.3oF minimum;

- Summer temperatures: Maximum 28oC / 82.4oF and 18.5oC / 65.3oF minimum;

- Autumn temperatures: Maximum 21oC / 69.8oF and 13.6oC / 56.5oF minimum.


The mild temperatures allow tourists to explore Europe's best-kept secret at their leisure. If it rains, will the holiday be interrupted? Of course not, because in the Algarve there are numerous indoor activities where you can have a great time. Besides, it is estimated it rains only 90 days out of 365 a year.


Sunset image at Falésia beach in the Algarve.

Photo by Eurico Craveiro – Unsplash



  1. Activities for rainy days in the Algarve

Fortunately, there are rainy days in the Algarve, and that does not have to mean locking yourself indoors. A day of rest, immersing yourself in that book you have been dying to finish, is not a bad idea. However, you should know that visiting the Algarve in winter is not a waste of time, as the activities we suggest are great opportunities to get the family together.


  • What to do in the Algarve if it rains?


- Water park: No, we were not wrong when we named a water park as the first suggestion where you can have fun on rainy days. An indoor water park is about to open and will delight babies, children and adults alike. Kids can have fun on the slides, babies have exclusive areas, and most importantly, there is a wellness area for adults to take time out. Located on the same grounds as the well-known Aquashow in Quarteira, it promises great family moments in winter. Follow Aquashow's social media to find out the opening date of the latest indoor theme park.


- Michelin-starred restaurants: give your holiday a different twist and take advantage of the rainy days to taste some of the best delicacies of the Michelin-starred restaurants awarded in the Algarve in 2021. Also, try the flavours of some of the Bib Gourmand-listed restaurants in the region.


Al Sud - Chef Louis Anjos | Lagos

Vista - Chef João Oliveira | Portimão

Bon Bon - Chef José Lopes | Carvoeiro

Vila Joya - Chef Dieter Koschina | Albufeira

Ocean - Chef Hans Neuner | Lagoa

A Ver Tavira - Chef Luís Brito | Tavira

Vistas - Chef Rui Silvestre | Vila Nova de Cacela

Gusto - Chef Heinz Beck | Almancil


- Wine tasting: Wine occupies an important place at meals in Portugal. Whether in a restaurant or at home, this drink is enjoyed at all times. Both to celebrate or to harmonise a simple meal. The Algarve wines are already famous for their unique characteristics that only the clay-limestone soils can offer. Each note is a feast for the palate, but the best thing is to taste and prove that the wines of the Algarve are real gems for wine lovers. The region's various wineries offer one of the best rainy-day activities: wine tastings, of course!


Villa Alvor - Try the white, rosé, and red wines produced from indigenous grape varieties grown on the property. Simply email Villa Alvor to book your wine tasting.


Monte da Casteleja - In this winery, the wine is made the old-fashioned way without machines, and the aroma is preserved in the glass. The fact that it is an organic production makes it even more special. To make an appointment for a wine tasting, go to the winery's website and book your tasting using the form.


Quinta do Francês - This winery is located in a special place, near Silves and the Odelouca stream. The characteristics of the soil and climate of Quinta do Francês produce grapes of the best varieties such as Trincadeira, Aragonês and Syrah. Take a guided tour of this winery and taste the wines of Quinta do Francês at the end.


Quinta do Barranco Longo - A wine that has been produced in the Algarve region for over 20 years according to Mediterranean tradition. The harvest is done by hand, but the processing is based on the most modern technology. It is not yet possible to do the wine tasting at the winery, but you can find this brand at various commercial places and do your tasting at your holiday home.


Quinta dos Vales - Here, wine and art come together in the gardens of this winery of over 44 hectares. It's a real experience, and the best part is that you can take the whole family, including the kids who will love to see the huge and colourful statues among the vines. Choose and book a wine tasting to your taste on the Quinta dos Vales website.


A woman holds a basket among the vines on a sunny day.

Photo by Arpad Czapp – Unsplash



  1. Winter activities in the Algarve

As we have already seen in winter, it does not always rain in the Algarve, and the temperatures are not so freezing that you'd prefer to stay indoors on holiday. Do a bit of everything without the cold being a hindrance. Learn new things, visit interesting places and get together with family or friends by following these suggestions for outdoor winter activities.


  • What to do in the winter season in the Algarve?


- Surfing: There are several beaches dedicated to this sport in the Algarve, and the winter season is a point of attraction for both experienced surfers and beginners. Each beach has its own characteristics, and some require knowledge of the sport. Therefore, find out about the best surfing beaches in the Algarve and the surf schools if you want to learn something new during your holiday. Always check the condition of the sea before going out there with your board.

Get to know the best surf beaches in the Algarve:


Arrifana Beach - Arrifana beach in Aljezur is one of the best beaches for surfing. It is suitable for both more and less experienced surfers, as it has a sandy bottom and always gets good waves. In the Summer, it can be difficult to surf because of the many bathers on the beach, but in the Winter the beach is free to catch the best waves ever. Before venturing out to sea, see the view from the top of the cliff, or have a snack at the beach restaurant. The nearest surf school is Arrifana Surf School.


Amado Beach - It is one of the most famous beaches among surfers, both for the waves, which are guaranteed all year round, and for its beauty. Access to this beach is via a wooden walkway that passes through viewpoints and also provides access to the neighbouring beach of Bordeira. There are both independent surfers and surf schools in the sea, which might be a weakness of the beach when there are too many people surfing at the same moment. There is an area with rocks hidden in the sand, here you should be careful not to hurt yourself. If you prefer, take lessons at the school Amado Surf Camp and know all the spots to watch out for.


Zavial Beach - Winter brings big waves to this beach with the help of the north winds, and the small number of bathers at this time of year gives an idea of the quality of surfing practised here. It is not a beginner's beach, and even those with some expertise should be aware of the surf zone near the cliffs and the variations in the waves. There is a restaurant next to the beach and free parking. The nearest surf school is Freeride.


Beliche Beach - The waves are not always present at this beach, but when they are, it is worth visiting and surfing in this magnificent beach. It is not suitable for less experienced surfers, and access is rather difficult if you take your boards with you. Nevertheless, it is very popular among national and international surfers and also with bathers who like to come to this beach surrounded by Ponta de Sagres and Cape St Vincent. Get to know the nearest surf school to this beach.



Walking trails in the Algarve: Sport is an activity to be taken seriously, and winter is a good time to prioritise your health. Doing physical activity outdoors brings numerous benefits, such as good mood. So, prefer to walk and exercise outside in winter rather than locking yourself in a gym or at home. Our tip is to go hiking, as the Algarve has several hiking trails in both coastal and interior settings. Many of these routes are also suitable for running or cycling, depending on your preference.

Alvor Walkways - This trail is close to a dunes-protected area, the Alvor estuary, and the beach. It is a circular trail consisting of wooden and sandy paths from which you can observe different species of animals and birds that choose this place to nest. The trail is 6 kilometres long, but you can make up your own route by taking shorter walks. You can also cycle or jog along this path. Nothing beats winding up on the beach and watching the ocean to rest from this winter activity in the Algarve.


7 Vales Suspensos Route - It was named the best route in Europe in 2019 and is located in the municipality of Lagoa, close to iconic beaches such as Benagil beach. This route with fascinating landscapes is about 5.7 kilometres long and runs along the coast from Vale Centeanes beach to Marinha beach. For this route, you should be in the mood for hiking, and if you like taking pictures, do not forget your camera. Due to the bumps and cliffs along the route, it is not advisable to cycle or run.


Fishermen's Trail - This trail starts in the Algarve and ends in the Alentejo, without losing sight of the sea. It is one of the best and largest coastal hiking trails in Portugal, which can only be done on foot due to the demanding paths. It consists in 13 stages, some more difficult than others, and 226.5 kilometres of trails right by the sea. If you are hiking in a group, there should be no more than 20 people, and vehicles are not allowed in the dunes. Get to know the individual stages and personalise your tour individually, bearing in mind that wild camping is not allowed in this area. Visit the Rota Vicentina website for this Fishermen's trail.


man surfs a wave on a cloudy day.

Photo by Cedric Frixon – Unsplash



The Algarve has a lot to offer all year round, but especially in winter, the region is quiet, and you can enjoy life in peace. Spend your holiday in the low season and enjoy the low cost of living in winter by renting our holiday homes at the best prices. If you decide to spend your holiday in this region, you should know that there are always winter activities in the Algarve to entertain the whole family.


Now that you know 3 reasons to spend your winter holiday in the Algarve take a look at our selection of properties or contact us. We have a holiday home waiting for you!