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3 Things a Real Estate Agent Knows the Internet Doesn’t Tell You

Most potential buyers start by doing their research of the real estate market through search engines. The Internet is undoubtedly a good place to start, however during the real estate process there are things you will not find in Google:

1. How to evaluate the price of a house - Each house is unique, so an agent has to comprehensively consider numerous factors such as location, market trend, neighbourhood and even the preferences of the last buyer of the property. In the online search algorithm many of the factors mentioned above are not considered to set a fair and attractive cost for your home.

2. Help in the buying process - If you found your dream home online it will not be the internet helping you in the loan application process, advice on how to proceed if an inspection detects mistakes or to request Tax exemptions, for instance.

3. How to negotiate - A website can estimate the cost of a property, but it certainly does not assess whether it will be a good price to pay. Having a specialist advising you on negotiation can be vital to closing a deal whether you are the buyer or the seller of the house.

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