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3 Ways To Enjoy The Western Algarve During Spring

If you like to travel and discover the authenticity of a region, don’t be put off by the over-touristic image the Algarve has during summer months. We, at Casas do Barlavento, advise you to enjoy the Western Algarve during Spring, the best time of the year to be amazed by the coastline, the historic sites, the full bloom of the almond trees and, of course, the food diversity!

This is the perfect season to take advantage of everything at your own pace and, at the same time, avoid the crowds. Here are our tips for the greatest Spring holiday in the Algarve:


1.       Holiday by the sea – From a magical sunrise to an unforgettable sunset at the beach


The Western Algarve is a coastal place dominated by golden beaches and soaring cliffs which mark the landscape. Among these sharp formations are small hidden bays with idyllic beaches and secret caves, some of which are accessible only by sea.


For sun and photography lovers the sunrise at Ponta da Piedade (Lagos) is absolutely magical. An amazing way to start the morning by admiring what nature provides us every day – the best vitamin D with a view!  At the bottom, there is a plateau for traditional boats some of which can take you on a tour of the caves to admire the coast from another perspective. 


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Relaxing moments near the sea during an afternoon walk on Alvor beach. The miles-long sandy beach has a boardwalk that stretches all the way and meanders off in different directions. This extensive wooden structure runs alongside the fishermen’s huts and can take you through the estuarine wetlands.


Enjoy the sense of peace and intimacy that surrounds Cape St. Vincent (Sagres) during sunset. The end of the day in Sagres is a blissful scene that should not be missed.


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2.       A Cultural Trip – Historic places to discover


When talking about history in the Western Algarve we can’t miss mentioning Lagos, birth town of the Portuguese Discoveries. Lagos, with more than 2,000 years of history, is the «old Portuguese window to the world» which means you can’t miss a walk through the historical walls and monuments, especially in the Spring, where you can absorb the atmosphere with calm and tranquillity.


Points of cultural interest: Slave Market,  Santa Maria church,  Governors Castle and Ponta da Bandeira fortress, located on the “Solaria” pier facing the sea. To the west of the town centre, you’ll find Santo António church, a highlight amidst the historical monuments in the Algarve due to it being covered in gold.





3.       Eat like a local in the Western Algarve – fresh ingredients and art-to-eat desserts


The Western Algarve is packed with choices for anyone with a passion for simple local food. For those looking to delve deeper into the culinary delights of the region, we can tell you beforehand that the tradition is to cook with the freshest ingredients – such as freshly caught fish.


There is a wide variety of Portuguese specialities from fish to meat stews to desserts and spirits. Here are some of the most famous of the region:




·         Seafood Cataplana (seafood steamed in a copper pan)

·         Grilled fish

·         Fish Stew

·         Cabbage Stew with homemade sausages

·         Doce Fino (marzipan)

·         Queijo de Figo (fig cakes)

·         Estrelas de Figo (fig and almond stars)

·         Medronho (local spirit brewed in antique copper stills)


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Casas do Barlavento only mentioned the beach, Algarve's cultural heritage and the food diversity, but the southern region of Portugal has fantastic things to offer during the less busy times. We hope you spend the holiday here for us to show you much more…



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