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5 Tips for buying your retirement home

If you are seriously considering retiring then this article is for you. Planning for retirement means setting your priorities in place, such as, when you’ll stop working, how much you’ll withdraw from your savings each year, and where you’ll live. These are decisions that will affect your future quality of life.

Casas do Barlavento made a five-tip-list for you to begin planning your golden years:


  1. Change of life, change of house

When you stop working, you no longer need to live near your workplace if you so desire. In fact, you do not even have to live in the same city, if you prefer to live closer to the family or health care, for example. Is your 3-bedroom property too spacious for two people? What you want is to change the current noisy apartment to a farm where he could enjoy the nature’s serenity? Make a list of what you want in your future home location to have a starting point for your search.


  1. Priorities

When choosing a city and a property, it is vital that you keep in mind the accessibility and the facilities available. Over the years, mobility deteriorates, so there are important factors to prioritize, such as transportation, the safety of the area, health facilities nearby, the existence of socialization spots and commercial establishments, among others.


  1. Don’t Delay you Dream

If you are sure that a home purchase is included in your retirement plans, move while you’re still young enough to enjoy your retirement home to the fullest. You can treat everything calmly, with certainty, and more efficiently than when your health begins to decline.


  1. Professional Financial Advice

It’s crucial to manage well your finances throughout retirement. A professional financial advisor can help you so that your dream home doesn’t become a nightmare for your savings.


  1. Must-haves

Make a list of must-have features you would desire your retirement home to have. Share the list with your real estate consultant that will select properties that meet your criteria.


Don’t wait any longer to start to live your dream home. Contact Casas do Barlavento now.