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7 Home Decoration Trends for 2019

We know that 2019 has not yet arrived, however, Casas do Barlavento has been investigating and already reveals some interior decoration trends for next year. Are you planning to invest in an older house and then turning it into your own place? Or perhaps you want to sell your property but want to add value to it through some contemporary details before you market it?


Whatever the reason, there is a growing importance in transforming a house into a space charged with emotional meaning and personal identity. Features such as location, natural light and solar orientation are highly valued. It’s crucial to optimise small areas that express the personality of those who live in them, in a contemporary way1 and to this, the following trends are added:


1. Natural Wood – Scandinavian style of clean and crisp white wood furniture that has been the trend for several years is, now, giving way to a more natural and organic look, with the use of natural woods to create a warmer and more welcoming vibe.


2. Nature and plants – One way your home will be on trend next year is to opt for nature colours: sage green, floral cushions and presence of plants. Natural sceneries with the usage of wood, stones and plants add an ecological home factor.


3. Earthy Colours – It comes as no surprise that the earthy organic colours dominate the 2019 home decor, as they are consistent with the trends mentioned: natural wood, sage green and plants. Following the inspiration of the earthy pantones, red is also highlighted as a colour to be used in small details throughout the house.


4. Matte blackAccording to the World’s Global Style Network (WGSN), matte black will be one of the most significant trends for 2019 – a matte black lamp, a bold black door or wall. Tip: If you consider painting a wall black, choose one that has enough lighting, preventing the room from feeling dark.


5. Retro details – Instead of straight-line-furniture the trend is for more rounded pieces with a retro design vibe and sumptuous decorative mirrors.


6. Sustainable fabrics – Next year will be marked by the use of durable materials, which include animal free leathers for an eco-friendlier life commitment.


7. Rugs as wall art – Rugs of bright colours, geometric or floral patterns gain a new dynamic by being hung on the wall as if they were pieces of art.


Casas do Barlavento helps you to find your ideal property and gives you some ideas to transform your house into a contemporary, trendy home.



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