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9 different activities to do in summer 2019 - Algarve

Needless to say, the Algarve is known for the beautiful beaches. If we said the opposite, we’d be lying. But the Algarve is not just beach and sun, there are countless activities ready to be experienced by visitors to the Algarve in summer 2019.


After visiting all the proposals that Casas do Barlavento offers, you will have a new vision of this region, which is so rich in activities.


9 different activities to do in summer 2019 - Algarve


  1. Algarve's markets guide

Try to wake up in Saturday morning and make a visit to a market. You’ll see an endless colour palette, a mix of fragrances from the various fresh fruits and flowers.

You’ll see the locals around the market stalls, searching for the best products. The fishmonger is, undoubtedly, the most iconic zone of the market. This is where the fish caught fresh in the morning are sold. Ask for which are the best recipes for each fish or seafood, take everything you need from the market and venture out in your kitchen.

The busiest markets in the Algarve are:

  • Avenida Market, in Lagos;
  • Portimão Market;
  • Loulé Market;
  • Olhão Market;
  • Faro Market;


Some of these markets are architecture pearls with Arabic inspiration, others have tile panels. For that reason, you must do a detailed visit to every corner of these buildings.


  1. Carriage ride

Strolling by carriage through the Algarve is undoubtedly a different experience that brings us back to the old days. Choose which landscape you want to visit, in the countryside or in the city centre. (in Lagos, you can find this activity, here)

If you wish to have a more personal experience with horses, you have several horse-riding centres all over the region. You can take the first steps at galloping in these centres, or if you are already experienced, stroll by the sea or the countryside.


  1. Astronomy in Algarve

You love to look at the sky and observe the stars? COAA is the perfect place for that. They already count with 31 years of existence nearby Portimão, where the light pollution doesn’t affect star observation much.


This place was thought to offer an entire stay connected to astronomy, which counts with Newtonian equipment with a refractor of 20 cm to 50 cm.


  1. Tandem Jump

For the most adventurous people and without fear of heights, this is the experience that you don't want to miss. In the village of Alvor, you can find the Skydive seven centre to jump from 3500, 4200 or 5000 meters of altitude, this last jump can reach 70 seconds of duration and reach 220 kilometers / hour.

A fast course is given on the whole process and equipment before the jump, so that you can, right after, enjoy the marvellous view from over the Alvor river or Portimão city preceding to the Atlantic Ocean. Get a different perspective on everything, and you’ll find that you’re going to get addicted to this kind of adrenaline.


  1. Beekeeping

Bees are one of the most important insects, for our planet. They do the pollination, giving the chance to flowers reproduce. In addition, they give us the best and sweetest nectar on the face of the earth, honey.

In Monte da Ribeira you can experience wearing a beekeeper suit and get close to a hive with 30 to 60 thousand bees. In the end of the visit to the hives, you are given a taste of the honey that is produced there.


  1. Urban art guide

In Lagos, there is a concern to show that urban art is also, a part of the art scene. Through the most peripheral streets of the city, you’ll find graffiti of all sizes and shapes, with several themes and critics. The artists come from all over the world and from Portugal, you can find some works from Addfuel, Kruella D’enfer, Samina, and others.

There is a guide, available here, created by the association who is responsible for this initiative. LAC - Creative activities laboratory, has been dynamizing several forgotten zones in the city of Lagos. Including the old prison, that now serves as the artistic residence and headquarters of the association.


  1. Underwater tourism

In the coastline of Portimão, more specifically in the Alvor area, 4 decommissioned ships were sunk. For the propose of forming an underwater park, therefore creating a new kind of tourism in the Algarve.

Here a new artificial reef was formed, where studies are made on the effects in the ecosystem. To date it has been very favourable for the growth of the population of marine species in the area.

The experts in scuba diving or those who don´t feel comfortable to do it alone can dive with a guide. If you have the passion for the deep sea and you don’t already have dive initiation, do the course. Only this way will it be safe, and you will enjoy the beauty of these areas started by men and finished by nature. (know all about this activity, here)


  1. Gastronomy

Eat at Locals is a very recent project, but very interesting for those who want to. It is nice for those who visit the Algarve as well as the rest of Portugal. The idea is to have one more place at the dinner table. Portuguese people like to eat and be welcoming, so this way, they can show the best gastronomy that is made here.

For the foreigners that want to experience the good and famous Portuguese food, this is the right project. You can do the host registration or book a table in the house you prefer, here on the project’s website.


  1. Algarve tradition

There is nothing better than to know a people through their traditions. The TASA project shows some artisans that do empreita, pottery, cork, wicker or tin ware work. The goal, is for more people to learn these ancient arts so that they do not fall into oblivion. What comes after are present and functional ideas by designers, merged in pieces created by the artisans.

TASA’s project - Técnicas Ancestrais, Soluções Atuais, (Ancestral Techniques, Current Solutions) promotes various workshops through the year. They aim to showcase some techniques that have long been forgotten in the Algarve region. (To know more about the project and future workshops, see the website, here)


Follow all these suggestions and bring good memories and stories home. Casas do Barlavento wishes you an excellent summer holiday 2019.