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21, sep 22 | Reading: 9 min.

Autumn/Winter home decor 2022 | Casas do Barlavento

The house has been transformed from a dormitory into a space of comfort, a safe and cosy place that we can now call home. To take care of this space that is so much ours, we can and should change the home decor to make it even more personal. Discover the decoration suggestions for autumn/winter 2022.


Leisure area decorated in autumn/winter 2022 trendy shades.

Photo by jason-wang – Unsplash



Now that the days are getting shorter and the rain is slowly setting in outside, people are spending most of their time at home. With the new season starting in a couple of days, we can get cosy under the covers and read a book while warming up with a hot cup of tea. Is your home ready to welcome the new season? Discover the shades, textiles and furniture on trend for autumn/winter 2022 and go on an adventure. Because change is good and helps us break new ground, even if it's just a small change like changing the disposition of a few furnishings and home decor: do it!


A woman looks out the window with a cup in her hand as it rains outside.

Photo by Amin Hasani – Unsplash



Where to start?


  • Home Heating systems


Autumn in Portugal, and especially in the Algarve, is mild, so the temperatures still invite you to go for walks outdoors. However, there will always be days when the temperatures are lower, so you should prepare all of your heating appliances. As electricity prices rise, make sure that all appliances are working properly and if they meet the necessary parameters to be environmentally friendly and easy on the wallet. Before each autumn/winter season, hire a maintenance service for these heating units and, if possible, place them in strategic locations such as the living room or bedrooms.


Another problem you can investigate and perhaps change is your home's windows and doors. These structures are responsible for 40% of heat loss from houses in Portugal, and sometimes it is enough to use the old method of caulking the windows and doors. If caulking is not enough, consider replacing the windows with double glazing. By doing so, you will feel a significant difference in the thermal sensation of your home.

Read this article to learn how you can save money on electricity.


Picture of a temperature regulator for the air conditioning in a house.

Photo by Dan Lefebvre – Unsplash



  • Organizing the house after the summer


The holidays are over, and now it's more important than ever to tidy up your home to get back into the swing of things. Take some time to tidy up your home. Bring back the blankets, rugs, and cushions to make it cosier, and get rid of anything left over from the summer. This is one of the first steps before decorating your home for autumn. Decluttering and tidying up is necessary to resume your daily work routine and ensure maximum peace of mind.


Start by checking all products and items that have expired or are no longer needed. Check the cupboards, pantry and drawers in the kitchen and bathroom. You can do the same in the wardrobes and make sure which summer or winter clothes you no longer need. Donate the clothes in good condition and throw away the worn-out clothes. Finally, do a more thorough cleaning than usual in all the rooms of your property and prepare the decoration plan.


Organize your home like a pro and follow the Konmari method. See this article for more tips.


Hanger with various pieces of clothing organized by colour.

Photo by Priscilla Du Preez – Unsplash



Trend Colours Autumn/Winter 2022


It is one of the most melancholic seasons of the year, when the sky changes colour and the temperatures drop. Perhaps that's why colours that convey calm and comfort are in demand in autumn. According to Pantone, the trend colours for autumn/winter 2022 are earthy and pastel. Be bold and combine neutrals with brighter colours to bring some life into your home.


Pantone's 15 colour trends for autumn/winter 2022 are depicted in this image.


Pantone's colour of the year for 2022 was Very Peri. The institute created an entirely new colour for the first time in history to reflect the changing times we live in. Very Peri encourages creativity and new ideas. Enjoy this vibrant colour and add it to your home colour palette.



Very Peri, a vibrant lilac, is Pantone's colour of the year 2022.


How to decorate the bedroom for autumn/winter 2022?


  • Decorating the adult bedroom


Now those hectic days, work schedules and little ones' activities have become routine again, there's nothing better than coming home and resting in a cosy bedroom. We know that the hustle and bustle of everyday life allows us to leave some aspects aside, but it's important to remember how crucial it is to have a special corner to recharge our energies. The bedroom can be that place of relaxation. All you need to do is follow a few tips to make it your own.


Start by replacing your summer duvets with warmer duvets and bedspreads. Take your cue from the Pantone colour palette and opt for pastel shades for duvet covers and bedspreads. To accentuate and lighten the pastel tone, choose decorative pillows in warm earthy colours such as orange, red or a cool but bold tone such as aubergine. The trend for scalloped curtains gives an orderly look to any room in the house, and this concept is here to stay. Choose light shades for your bedroom curtains so that the room gets as much natural light as possible during the day.


Don't forget the rugs, one of the winter accessories that no bedroom should be without. If the decoration of the bed and curtains is subtle, be a little bolder in your choice of rug. Opt for bold tones that stand out or play with the different textures available on the market.


If the bedroom is your retreat, create a reading corner with a comfortable armchair. Choose warm blankets and a tall lamp for this corner.


Image of a reading nook with a pastel chair, a pastel green blanket and a gold frame.

Photo by Alisa Anton – Unsplash



  • Decorating children's rooms


We know that children grow up fast and need new furniture and decorations to suit their tastes at different stages of their lives. Awaken their creativity, choose the main theme together with the children and follow a line. Choose one of the trend colours for textiles as a guideline so that it will be easier to redecorate the room when the children grow up. Very Peri by Pantone makes a room very feminine and fresh while combining Blueberry and Tapioca colours to create an elegant atmosphere.


To keep up with the fast growth of children, look for adjustable furniture. This type of furniture makes it possible to keep up with the children's growth and avoids having to buy new bedroom furniture every year. There are many options in decoration shops.


child's bedroom in pastel shades.

Photo by Collov Home Design – Unsplash



How can you decorate your bathroom in autumn 2022?


You may not realize it, but you spend about one to three full weeks a year in the bathroom. That's a lot of time to spend in a room with no personality. So, get to work and make your bathroom pleasant, modern and, above all, to your taste.


If autumn 2022 is the ideal time to renovate your bathroom, the trick is to measure every angle. These days, there is a range of options for different bathroom formats, from the smallest to the largest. After you have measured and made sure there is enough space between the fittings, you should decide whether you prefer a shower or a bathtub.


Choose wall coverings that are water and vapour-resistant, and avoid wallpaper or other coverings that peel easily when damp. An inexpensive option that doesn't require drilling into the wall is PVC. White marble-effect PVC is a stylish option that can be combined with other colour tones.


Bathrooms are usually much smaller than the rest of the rooms in the house. To make it look bigger, choose light shades for the walls and functional furniture to optimize the space. Do not forget to include a towel warmer, they are great in winter and warm up this space even before bathing.


Bathrooms in 2022 will be simple, elegant and in light tones, conveying a sense of order and cleanliness. In addition to these attributes, the bathroom will be supported by technology. Smart showers that display the temperature and the amount of water used, antifog mirrors that also play music and self-cleaning washbasins are some features that will be in vogue this autumn/winter 2022.


Bathroom with two white washbasins, white marble cladding, and gold taps and mirrors.

Photo by Christian Mackie – Unsplash



How to decorate the kitchen in autumn 2022?


More and more kitchens are open-plan and connected to the dining or living room. The furniture in these two distinct rooms should be arranged to allow for free movement. Create environments that are distinguished by colours or objects such as rugs, to separate the spaces, and it is critical to create a visual continuity between the two areas, for example, by using the same flooring.


The good thing about the pandemic was that it instilled a desire to establish habits in the home and brought the family closer together. The kitchen is one of the rooms where you spend most of your time and where creativity comes into play at every meal. You should keep the ingredients close at hand at all times, so use baskets made of natural materials, jars, or even gather the ingredients directly in your vertical vegetable garden. This is not only useful, but it also brings a little bit of nature into your home.


Open plan kitchen in white tones, with an island in the centre.

Photo by Becca Tapert – Unsplash



Give your home a new lease of life in the coming season. Prepare your rooms for autumn/winter 2022 by following the trends and our tips, without forgetting that the most important thing is to feel comfortable in your home.


Are you looking for homes to renovate? Follow the news in our portfolio and contact us for more information.