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Bedroom Decoration Guide 2020

In an era when time is precious but short, we learn to value little things like rest. It is intrinsic that good hours of sleep need comfort and good taste around. The bedroom is the most used area of the house, and deserves special attention in its decoration and practicality.

If you have decided that this is the year to give your bedroom a makeover, we are ready to advise you in this task with current decoration tips and practical secrets.


  • Colour

We start with colour, one of the essential elements for the new decoration of any space in the house. The Pantone colour for the year 2020 tells us that the trend colour is classic blue, a colour that inspires confidence and security, everything we need for a renewed space. Colours have this power, to transmit emotions to us, so, learn how to apply this colour to the various items present in your room.

Another trend will be to use tone on tone, that is, the decoration will have furniture with the same colour as the wall.

If your room is small, you should apply the classic blue colour in moderation. Dark tones, like the colour of the year, give the illusion of tighter or smaller spaces.



  • Texture

The texture combines two essential fields for a feeling of comfort: the visual field and the sensory field. And where can we get textures that are pleasant to the touch? Anywhere we want!

Coarse knitted wool blankets, for example, are great for the coldest days and go well with a solid colour bedspread. In the summer it is natural that you have to replace the wool blanket, choose blankets with short hair and in light tones.

Comfort is the watchword for 2020. The head of the bed can also be cosy, know that with just a rod and two pillows hanging from it you get the ideal head to sit back and read. If you prefer something with a unique design, there are dedicated shops who make headboards with any size, and any fabric you like.

Innovate in your bedroom ceiling lamp, the more texture you have, the more interesting the shadows will be on the walls. Visually, the woods have a rustic and calming look, if you want to have a room with a more country style, apply this natural material.


Photo by Yasmine Boheas


  • Furniture

Custom furniture will always be the best option, either because it has the right measurements, or because they really are tailormade to our taste. One of the suggestions that have remained from last year is shelves. Not only in the bedroom, but throughout the house, this is a very practical piece of furniture when it comes to storing those less used items. Do you have corners in your room difficult to use because they are narrow? Consider putting up several corner shelves from the top of the wall to the bottom, and build your own personal library.

Mirrored cabinets, or equally mirrored support tables, are prone and great for small rooms. They give the illusion that the space is wider if combined with light tones.

Another piece of furniture to consider will always be the queen of the bedroom at home. We are talking about the bed, the place that should always be the most comfortable, both for harmony as well as for one's health. Combine comfort with practicality by choosing a bed with a built-in drawer. It confers a lot of store space, especially useful when storing last season's clothes. If you follow our suggestion of colour on your duvet, experiment with sheets of bright colours, contrasting to the classic blue.


Photo by Francesca Tosolini


The bedroom is one of the main rooms in the house and the one where we spend the most time in. It is our day-to-day refuge, so everything must reconcile with the word comfort, from colour to textures and furniture. Give your bedroom and your child's bedroom a new look in 2020 (see the decoration suggestions for kids’ bedroom here).