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There are two things you should know before continuing to read this article. Firstly, this is the best time to invest in the real estate market in Portugal. Secondly, there’s a high possibility that you will make money with very little risk. Find out how.


We are rarely encouraged to invest in the real estate market. Why? Because of the old age problem: short term liquidity.


The return on investment is not as quick as we’d like, but not investing isn’t the solution. It is possible to marry both the profitable and the enjoyable: the option of a second home that can be a personal retreat as well as a source of income by putting it to the rental market.


Advantages? Portugal is becoming less seasonable and more sought out all year round. Did you know that the average price per square meter in Portugal is one of the lowest in Europe?


You might think that legal procedures in Portugal are complicated, but Casas do Barlavento is a local agency, made up of local people with a great knowledge of the local real estate market, who are able to advise you and give you the best tips. The one-stop-shop approach provides you with the possibility of leaving everything related to a property purchase in our capable hands. Furthermore, we also have a professional team of property and condominium management, who is at your disposal to assist with any kind of service. 


You should also know that:

- There are tax benefits for Residents who engage in tourist related business activities. Check for details in Renting for Residents.


- If you are a non-resident you will need to declare rental income here in Portugal via a Portuguese income tax return. Check for details in Rental Income for Non-Residents.


- If you need assistance with managing your property we can help you. Check for details in Property Management.