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Do You Know How to Reduce your Electricity Bill?

Reducing any bill is the goal of everyone who manages a house. Reducing the electricity bill is the wish of many, although it is sometimes difficult to see how we can do it since electricity is part of our daily lives, and without it many of our daily tasks would be compromised.


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Reaching energy efficiency is an act of respect for nature and our wallet. It may seem a difficult task, but the good news is that it is something tangible. Changing every lightbulb in the house will not be enough, but that could be the beginning! Domestic lighting represents 10% of the total consumption at the end of the month. The replacement of incandescent lamps with LED means a reduction in the order of 80%. In addition to this benefit, there are many others that can quickly convince you to transform your home lighting.


  • LED lamps, as mentioned above, consume less than incandescent ones. Their durability is about 10 years, while an incandescent lamp lasts only 1 to 2 years;
  • As soon as they are switched on, they reach maximum light intensity;
  • They can be switched on and off, without losing their useful life;
  • The light tone influences our well-being and performance.
  • Choose whiter tone lamps for work areas such as the kitchen or office and warmer tones for the bedroom and living room.


There are other precautions to be taken to ensure energy efficiency, and some are well known, but it never hurts to emphasise:


  • Keep the lights off in rooms where no one is and switch off electrical devices that are not in use;
  • Open the blinds and curtains to take advantage of natural light. Place your work table next to a window and avoid using a desk lamp;
  • Choose more efficient appliances. Before buying, check the label with the energy efficiency level.
  • Always use the maximum load of the washing machines and dishwasher.
  • Do not leave electronic equipment on standby, as they are responsible for 9% of consumption on the monthly bill.
  • Good house insulation prevents excessive use of the heating or cooling systems.


Since December 1st there has been a reduction in VAT on electricity, a measure applied by the government to promote home energy efficiency in Portugal. This measure includes all those who have a contract in the regulated or liberalised electricity market, with a VAT reduction on the first 100 kWh consumed each month. Thus, the first 100 kWh will be taxed at 13% VAT, when this value is exceeded the usual 23% will be taxed. For large families (more than 4 people) the limit is increased to 150 kWh at 13% VAT. For large families, the measure will start on March 1st of 2021.


This new government model aims to reduce the annual bill of a household by 18,50 euros to four people and 27,80 euros to a large family, in the regulated market. For the liberalised market, the expected savings are 16,60 euros for families of up to four people and 25,10 euros for large families. Find out more about this measure here.



Energy efficiency is essential in all Portuguese homes, knowing how to put it into practice is an advantage in household management and environmental quality. These are small details to be modified, which will make a difference and become habits of your daily life.


If you have recently bought a house, choose to put this advice into practice and be thorough, think about all the details you can apply to ensure better efficiency. If you are still looking for a new home and this is a crucial issue in your choice, contact us, we will be happy to show you our portfolio.