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Future Houses

We always keep in our memories a few movies that show off houses of the future. What we weren’t expecting was that the future would arrive so soon.

It’s a fact, technology already has been around us for some years, and we don’t know how to live without it. New ideas come all the time to the real estate market, now with a particular focus on automation, sustainability and energy efficiency of homes.


If you are not aware of the new technologies, get to know in this article, some suggestions so that your house has the latest technological trends.




We can say the smart houses don’t offer anything new as we expected. What is at stake, are some upgrades on daily objects. Life is made easier through artificial intelligence, through our interaction with gadgets and these gadgets interplaying with each other. All of this takes us to the concept of the internet of things, created in 1999, referring to digital interconnection.


Smart security

We all like to feel safe inside our houses. To make that feeling last, update your home with the latest security innovations.


Photo by Sebastian Scholz (Nuki) on Unsplash


  • Smart Lock

The traditional key to open the house door doesn’t lose its utility with these electronic locks. In case you forget the keys inside of your property, you won’t need to call the firefighters to open the door for you. All you will need to do is use your fingerprint on the smart lock or insert a secret code. The keyhole will be in a secret spot to throw off thieves. (lockly)


  • Digital front door peephole

It is through the peephole that you can see who’s on the other side of the door. With the new peephole, you don’t need to be at home to see who’s knocking at your door. You only need a smartphone connected to the peephole and you will be able to talk to whoever is visiting you, from a distance. (Brinno)


  • Security cam

The new security cameras capture real-time images and with better resolution. They are connected to our smartphones and always send notifications whenever an intruder passes the security perimeter. It is possible to call the police from a distance or turn on the alarm. Cameras have facial recognition so they can distinguish owners of strangers. (nest cam)



Future kitchen

Over the course of several years, it was in this room that we saw the main technological differences. From kitchen robots to microwaves, there have been many new things that have come to our kitchens to streamline our daily lives.


Photo by Jeff Sheldon on Unsplash


  • Refrigerator

Refrigerators no longer have the function of just storing food in a cool place. You no longer need to have magnet collections on the refrigerator door to hang a message. The new refrigerator has a display on the door to make your notes, while also having an agenda and a calendar with push notifications connected to your smartphone.

In addition to all these functions, you can count on an interior camera that is connected to your smartphone. So, when you go shopping, you will know which products are missing. Finally, if you forgot to buy an essential product, choose to shop online through the refrigerator display. (Samsung family Hub 4.0)


  • Garbage can

Even the simple objects that we don’t care much about have also developed. Garbage cans are a good example of this. This object can contain thousands of germs that when in contact with us, can trigger diseases.

Fortunately, this kind of problem belongs to the past. With voice control, just say “open”, or activate the motion sensor by passing your hand by the bucket’s lid. Its composition is intentionally made for easy cleaning and so it doesn’t accumulate so many germs. (simple human)


  • Personal Assistant

The LG Cloi function is to be a personal assistant. We can count on this robot to preheat the oven, give suggestions for dinner or to inform us about any missing ingredients we need to buy. It’s compatible with Amazon’s Alexa system and Google Assistant. Being connected to these systems increases the possible functions of this digital butler.

This robot is expected to do some boring tasks at home, like shopping or cleaning the house. At the moment this is only possible in large areas, such as airports or shopping centres. (LG Cloi)



Home Automation

New products are born all the time, with the aim of helping out in the most ordinary tasks. The only difficulty is choosing the best products for each of us. There are products that help save energy, others produce energy and those that are meant to generate comfort for the whole family.


Photo by Dan LeFebvre on Unsplash

  • Thermostat

Have you ever imagined controlling your thermostat using your voice or by an app on your smartphone? Now it is possible, you can control the room temperature where you are in, without interfering with another room. With this device, you can save 12% of energy while cooling your home and 15% while heating. (Nest Thermostat E)


  • Smart shutters

We know shutters have the function to preserve the house temperature, among other things. Therefore, in the afternoon, when the sun is stronger, the shutters should be closed. If no one is at home, how do you solve this problem? Now you only need access to an app and you can close all shutters or just a few. You can also set the time for opening or closing them, in this way helps to have an efficient home. ­(MySmartBlinds)


  • Kinetic floor

Have you ever imagined producing your own energy just by walking? This is the idea of a company, to create a floor that collects environmental data through your smartphone and generate energy.

This product is still in the crowdfunding phase and is only designed for the city exterior. The company has already passed the prototype phase and soon, who knows, maybe this product will be designed to work for the interior of our houses.



After meeting some of the products of the technological market, think of turning your future home in a comfort zone combined with new technologies. Casas do Barlavento is always one step ahead to make sure your present is promising.