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Have you ever heard of the Konmari storage method?

The coldest season of the year is coming and with it brings warmer clothes. For this it is necessary to remove the clothes that for a few months were forgotten in the back of the closet. When tiding up your wardrobe, will you do it the right way?



Marie Kondo, the personal organization specialist, known worldwide for four books on the subject and a Netflix series, teaches: “An organized house is a happy house”. According to the author, tidying up your house isn’t enough to have an organized home. Apply this specialist’s method in a small room of your house, for example, the wardrobe, the dresser, or even a small closet room.


Follow these steps to obtain an organized place, and also, to be prepared for the new season with the right items for the cold.





Remove everything from the wardrobe, from winter clothes to summer clothes. This act will help make room for the two subjects addressed by Marie Kondo, the cleaning, and the detachment from objects. Sometimes we think we have a clean wardrobe because we only deposit clean clothes there, but dust and lint are, unfortunately, everywhere.



Donate or throw away


Once the clothes are all out of the closet, take a moment and make a selection of everything you have. Divide clothing that is in good condition but no longer used to donate. Do not keep the damaged clothes for home use, as it will only create more clutter. Use strong bags, fill them with everything you won't use again, and take them to the right place.

There is a trick so that from year to year, you know what you used and what you did not use. You must be consistent, when you put your clothes in the wardrobe, turn all the hangers to the same side, and when you take one out, turn its hanger around. This way, you'll know next year which clothes you wore and which you didn't.



Tidy the drawers in the most consistent way as possible, for example, put the knitwear together on one side of the drawer and on the other side, sports clothes. There are practical ways to fold clothes to keep them visible when you open the drawer. Fold the clothes and fill the drawer with sweatshirts or pants vertically, as the image suggests. To facilitate this process, choose to buy a drawer's dividers or boxes. Be sure to always leave some free spaces so you can fill in with new clothes. If you are careful with empty or half-empty drawers, you don’t have to rearrange everything again.

You should always leave a space in the wardrobe to hang longer clothes or with delicate fabrics that crease easily. Dresses, long coats or trousers made of delicate fabrics are a good example of items that need to be hung and not kept in drawers.



Clothes from the previous season

Those clothes that for sure you will not use in the winter, you should always put away. If you have the chance, do not mix them with clothes from the current season. The best way to store the pieces will be in transparent breathable boxes or under vacuum. Store all the already clean items and not necessarily ironed. Also combine by categories, for example t-shirts with t-shirts or shorts with shorts, so they’re easier to find if you ever need them again. The highest or hardest places to reach in your wardrobe should be occupied by these least used objects.


Make this a buzzword for the rest of your home organization. You will soon see that the house is not only tidy, but also organized. A good opportunity to apply this and other organizational methods will be when you move to a new house. If you have the chance to choose the storage furniture always opt for furniture with several drawers with different sizes, to store everything by categories.