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Home Decor Trends for 2021

The last year led us to have a different notion of our home and quickly made us see our house as a refuge and not as a place where we mainly slept. We used the house to the extreme and started working inside it, taking classes and using it as a gym. It was a moment of connection in which we understood that the home would have to be increasingly functional and versatile.


We began the year 2021 with more hope and new home decor trends. All the details in vogue fill our home with textures, colours and cosy objects. In this article, we show some suggestions that will make you want to renew the whole house.


Photo by Manja Vitolic – Unsplash




Sustainability is a trend that should not end after one season. More than a trend, the key is to practice this concept in our home and throughout our life. How to apply sustainability at home and reduce the ecological footprint? It's easy, follow these steps:


  • Furniture upcycling can be a good alternative for those who want to change the look in their home, be more environmentally friendly, and even get items with a new appearance. Just paint or change a detail in the furniture, depending on the decoration of your home. Choose the tones according to the room and change the handles if it is a door or drawer furniture. This task requires time and some expertise. If you’re not well versed in handiworks, you can always hire a company that does it.


  • Fabrics come to replace the animal-derived materials, which once stewed our sofas and chairs or were present on the carpets. In this trend, the reuse of textiles or use of biodegradable materials, such as cork, are compulsory.


  • Technology is one of the best sustainability allies, turning trivial characteristics into intelligent and positive contributions to the environment. Controlling water wastes, light or stabilising thermal comfort are easy tasks with some home gadgets. Learn more about technology at home here.

Photo by Alexandra Gorn – Unsplash


Home Decor 2021


  • In 2021 a turning point is expected in the kitchen’s decor. White will be the predominant colour offering the sensation of amplitude to this room. To contrast, the details in wood are present, giving a visual cosiness. Today the kitchen is no longer just functional, but a room with its own style through some decorative details such as plants or designer utensils, displayed on the walls, or above the countertops. Materials like copper are antibacterial and great to have in any kitchen. The metallic details will contrast perfectly with the white tone and woods of your renewed kitchen.


  • This year, the bedrooms should exhale simplicity and minimalism through the colours and mainly by the absence of objects that are not functional. The natural elements introduction, such as jute rugs or small cork stools, will give a harmonious look benefiting long nights of sleep.


  • In the year 2020, we realised that a versatile house is an asset for the various situations that this time demands. The offices have moved and settled into our homes, bedrooms, living rooms and storage rooms. We also understand that furniture can create partitions and thus have new rooms in the house without construction works. For 2021 it is essential to include the desk and the chair in your decoration without neglecting the ergonomics of these two new objects. Bring the indoor plants freshness close to your workplace and will ensure your emotional well-being. See all the key points to having a comfortable office at home here.



Pantone Colour 2021


This year, Pantone has not chosen one, but two colours of the year, the Illuminating and Ultimate Gray. These colours have been chosen to give encouragement and hope in this new year that has just begun. The yellow and grey tones combine perfectly, and some elements of your home can have these colours, such as pillows, blankets or perhaps wallpapers. See the colours of the year in the image below.



The trends for the year 2021 will maintain something we started in March 2020, a versatile and welcoming house! With a touch of sophistication and new materials, you will have the feeling of a renovated and pleasant home to spend most of your time in.