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How to Move During the Pandemic

Moving house has never been easy, requiring a lot of organization, tasks delegation and important decisions, even before arriving at the new home. The precautions doubles and an extra dose of hygiene and disinfection measures are added, in times of a pandemic.


Follow every step of this guide and ensure a safe and organized move from the old to the new house.



  • Visiting the property

  •  While still in the phase of searching for your new home, visiting a property should meet the standards recommended by the government and health authorities. Even before the visit, the consultant will inform you of the guidelines to receive you in complete safety. Here are some examples of standards implemented by Casas do Barlavento:

    - Schedule your visit by phone or email, in advance;

    - Always wear a mask. If you do not bring one with you, our consultant can provide one such as protective boots for your shoes;

    - Greet without physical contact;

    - Go to the property in your means of transport;

    - Prefer to talk to the consultant outside the house, keeping the necessary social distance;

    - Inside the house, avoid touching the surfaces.


    • During the Move


  • During the move, it is mandatory to keep all your belongings in boxes. Avoid exposing the objects to the contact of the moving company employees. Make sure everyone wears masks and protective gloves, have sanitizer gel and if possible, protective boots. Always avoid contact by keeping at least 2 meters away from the moving company's employees.


    • After the Move


  • The disinfection of all house areas is essential, paying particular attention to handles, switches, handrails or taps. According to some studies, the virus remains on cardboard for 24 hours, so you should disinfect the moving boxes or let it rest for that time. For extra care, sanitize all your items before placing them in your new home.

    The pandemic has changed the way we live inside our homes, so you should take advantage of the fresh start and begin organizing the spaces correctly. Learn how to define and take advantage of your home space here.



    The lockdown has clarified the need for a new order within the home. We understand that houses must be prepared so that we can spend more time in them, whether working, relaxing or exercising. It became clear that outdoor areas, such as gardens, balconies or terraces, gained another level of importance in the house. Casas do Barlavento is aware of all the signs of change and is willing to help you find the home that meets all your requirements.


    Do some research and find your dream house here.