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How to organize your house during Covid-19

This is an unusual time for all of us, where the smallest act represents a challenge to the habits acquired for several years. We must adapt, but for that to happen, we need time. Time is what this situation can offer us, and the best thing to do is to benefit from it.



You've probably seen plenty of tips on how to take your time at home, or how you can acquire new hobbies and also how you can learn new languages or read books that you never finished. To get all the new tasks you are proposing these days, know that the organization of your home is essential to feel good. Divide and organize the spaces for each activity, so that you have the feeling of spaciousness and comfort in your home.


To create space, you will have to pick out everything that you have stored for years, and that for some reason, is no longer useful. Remember that you can donate all the items to whoever makes use of them. Doing this task in every room of your house will help you to have a restart indoors.


One of the first rooms to change will be the workspace. If you've started working from home now, it's only natural that you don't have this space well defined. The remote work area must be rich in natural light, and above all, that it has as few distractions as possible. Use the room exclusively for work, so that you have the rest and work areas well defined. If this is not possible, structure a corner of the living room with an ergonomic and comfortable desk and chair.


The living room is the ideal area for family relaxation and socializing. With the youngest, designate a space for playing board games and other entertainments. Change the arrangement of the furniture so that you have several distinct spaces within the room, this way activities will not be interrupted simultaneously.


If you have a balcony or a large window, install a comfortable armchair, or who knows, on sunny days, why don't you change your work area to the outside? Take advantage of sunny days to read a book, work or just relax. The areas with outdoor access, perhaps the most important on these days, make sure you always have a pleasant and inviting space to spend a few hours.


Another area that deserves your attention will be the entrance hall. Temporarily, you should create a "dirty" and a "clean" area, so that you leave all the objects and shoes you brought with you from the street. This way you guarantee that your house remains disinfected and clean. Delimit the "dirty" area with a small table, where you can leave your mobile phone and keys, and your shoes underneath it.  Have the disinfection products and a hanger to leave your coat and other clothes that have had more contact with the outside. The secret will be to stay at home, but there will always be the need to go out shopping or another urgent task.


The bedrooms must have the minimum necessary inside so that serenity is transmitted and for its hygiene to be easy to maintain. As already mentioned, you should look at all the clothes you own and make a selection of those you intend to keep. Open the window of this room every day after you wake up, to renew the air in it.


If you are a sports fan, or if you have always wanted to start an activity and have never done so, now you have the best opportunity to do it. Turn your balcony into an outdoor gym, with or without specific materials, organize plans appropriate to the existing space. Everyone's health starts with physical activity and you will see that it is not necessary to leave the house to do so.



It is important to stay active these days, and the stage for these activities will be our own home. By organizing each area, you will have an extra motivation to complete each task you propose.



Be sure to keep looking for your dream house, so that your plans do not stagnate. Casas do Barlavento follows the rules and adjusts to the current situation to help you. For more information, do not hesitate to contact