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09, jul 21 | Reading: 11 min.

How to Plan a Trip to the Algarve 2021/2022

Your holidays are the highlight of the year and should not be interrupted for anything!   Do you know how to plan the perfect holiday programme in the Algarve?   Follow our tips and plan your 2021 or 2022 holidays with the help of Casas do Barlavento.

We have various suggestions of places to visit!


What you should know before travelling to Portugal!   All trips should be planned.   Even if it is a journey of discovery to an unknown country, there are factors that should be considered before embarking on your precious holidays.   Here are some tips you should have before going to Portugal:


  • The cost of holiday homes in Portugal Before leaving, you should have researched somewhere to stay considering the number of people travelling with you.  This is where the choices being: do you prefer an hotel or local lodgement?    An hotel could be the obvious choice, but in a local lodgement you will feel at ease in having an entire space just for you and your family.



Do you know the advantages of booking a local lodgement?

  1. You can make your meals at home with the local products typical to the region and safe on restaurant meals.
  2. The house you choose will have the correct number of beds needed for you and your family, avoiding paying high prices for each room in a hotel.
  3. The location of the holiday property is another of the various advantages of booking under the local lodgement regime. One can opt to stay in the centre of the city, by the beach, or in the countryside with a pool.   This freedom of choice is obtainable if you research the preferred location.   If you are still in doubt about where you would like to stay, you can contact Casas do Barlavento, we will be only to pleased to give advice and offer a property which meets all your requirements. You can look at the properties on offer for holiday rentals in the Algarve here.



  • Climate – The Entire Portuguese territory has a mild climate throughout the year; therefore, the temperatures will not be extreme. Nevertheless, you should come prepared for some cold, rain and some snow if travelling to the mountains, especially Serra da Estrela during winter.   The temperatures during this time of year average between 8o and 14o   In the month of April, the days start to warm up and are great for walks in the countryside or on the beach.   The temperatures in Spring are between 11o and 20oC.   Summer is the highlight for visitors, especially the Algarve.   The minimum temperatures are around 20o and the maximum 40oC, this maximum being more common in the interior of the country.   Autumn starts in September still with temperatures reminding one of of summer, but more pleasant for walks during the middle of the day.


Photograph Lukas Talab - Picjumbo


  • What to wear? – If your objective is to explore Portugal from one end to the other, your best bet is to bring comfortable shoes and light clothing. In the cities we have the famous Portuguese cobblestones, although beautiful it deserves one’s full attention, walking in high heels on this paving is a complicated mission.   We therefore recommend flat sandals, flip-flops, light boots, or tennis shoes for more winding paths in the mountains, or along rivers.    Clothing will depend on the season in which you are travelling, but even in the summer always bring a jacket as some evenings can be cool.  If you are a lover of hiking, always opt for light and functional, adequate for each type of trail. 


  • Safety - Portugal is one of the safest countries in the world, ranking 4th in the Global Peace Index. It is safe to walk the streets alone day or night, however, one should always pay attention to protecting yourself from any harm.   The emergency number used in Europe is 112, which will always redirect the call to the emergency number of the country you are calling from.



  • Vocabulary In Portugal, a large percentage of the population speak fluent English, especially the younger generation. Therefore, communication will not be a barrier to having a comfortable vacation.   If you wish to learn a few useful day to day words, here are some example phrases:



Do you know how to have a 7-day vacation in Portugal? In Portugal it is easy to arrange an itinerary for several days of vacation.   But will you be able to see everything?   Although it is a small country, there is so much to see that the best would be to move for good and get to know each region under a magnifying glass.   If this is not a possibility, know that 7 days in Portugal are great for getting to know the southernmost region of the country, the Algarve!


Our proposal of a 7-day vacation in the Algarve start is the Barlavento area where you will find:  Aljezur, Vila do Bispo, Lagos, Monchique, Portimão, Lagoa, Silves and Albufeira.   The Algarve region is traversed by two roads, the National Road 125 and the Via do Infante highway.   Therefore, it is possible to book your vacation in one of the extremes of the Algarve and travel easily by car to all the cities in the region.


You can hire a car at any of the various car hire companies in any of the cities to cross the Algarve which will take approximately 1h 30m on the Via do Infante.



In the Algarve all landscapes meet, all colours mix, the sea and the countryside are its borders and the people, its soul.


On a trip that will take your breath away, we propose your adventure to discover the Algarve starts along the Costa Vicentina, one of the most unspoilt spots in terms of natural beauty.   From Odeceixe to the small village of Burgau, there are countless activities such as bicycle tours, mountain biking, hiking trails, monuments, and many restaurants with traditional food.


Photograph Claudius Virciu – Unsplash


One of the most historic locations of the region, is the city of Lagos, and we head in this direction to get to know the location when the brave seafarers left to discover the world.   In the historic centre you will find squares lain with Portuguese cobblestone, tile covered buildings, monuments, a 16th century wall, and a city with a surprising rhythm of tourists arriving and departing.   By land or sea, people arrive from all over the world making Lagos the most hospitable city in the Algarve.    In addition to all the history, golf is the sport that stands out in this city.   Discover the various courses of the sport of kings, not only in Lagos, but the rest of the Algarve.   Lagos is also the city that hosts one of the Casas do Barlavento offices, come and pay us a visit!



Next, we head to Monchique to visit the tallest mountain in the Algarve, taste the natural mineral water, the sausages and take the rest of the day to walk through the mountains overlooking the Atlantic Ocean.   In Portimão you will find extensive sandy beaches, great for adhering to social distancing and the vibrant night life at the famous Praia da Rocha.   Next, the city of Silves which has one of the most beautiful scenery, especially when visited at night where you can observe the illuminated castle, as well as the Roman bridge.   Go to Lagoa and discover the footbridges along the coast with the name of “Sete Vales Suspensos”, a route of approximately 6 km’s where you will encounter curious rock formations worthy of being used as photographic backgrounds for later memories.   Having travelled through all the cities in the Western Algarve, all that remains is to get to know the most touristic city in the Algarve, Albufeira.   Known for its active nightlife, stunning beaches and the famous Zoomarine theme park, where the main attraction is the dolphins.


In the Eastern Algarve, don’t miss the Queda do Vigário in Alte, a small parish with whitewashed houses and a river beach close to the centre.    For more countryside views visit the Pego de Inferno in Tavira.   You will find the name incompatible to the beauty of this location.   Continue to the city that borders Spain, Vila Real de Santo António and see the Enlightened period present in the architecture.  



Where are the best beaches in the Algarve? For many tourists who visit in the summer, the Algarve is synonymous with the beach, but do they know the best kept treasures in the region?   We highlight some of these must go to beaches to understand why the Algarve is the best beach destination in the world!   Discover all awards bestowed on our beaches and other curiosities here.


Praia do Camilo – Is one of those beaches where you cannot resist picture taking to remember later.   It has an incredible view over Praia da D. Ana from the top of the steps that lead to Praia do Camilo.   It is not one of the biggest beaches in the city, but it deserves a visit for its beauty and the comfort of rocks to protect against any unwanted wind.   A pertinent tip, don’t take too many things to this beach as there are a few flights of stairs.   The best thing to do is, at the end of the climb, find a restaurant with the same name as the beach to catch your breath.   Discover the location of this beach here.



Praia dos Estudantes – Right in the centre of Lagos we have Praia dos Estudantes.   A beach with calm waters with no large crowds, it is great for those wanting to relax.   It has access to the neighbouring beach, Praia da Batata, via a man-made tunnel.   An immediately obvious detail to any visitor is the unusual arch shaped bridge that joins the top of two cliffs.   The bridge was once part of the Praia do Pinhão fort, which was devastated by the tsunami that followed the 1755 earthquake.  This beach does not have a beach bar nor a lifeguard, therefore, despite the calm waters always pay attention to safety.   At Praia da Batata there is a bar which opens temporarily over the summer period.   Discover the location of this beach here.



Praia da Bordeira – Is a beach with enchanting landscapes and is also a meeting point for surfers from all over the globe as it is considered one of the best surfing beaches in the world.   There is also a stream that flows into the sea which is a great attraction for children.   The beach is extensive and is perfect for adhering to the social distancing requirements.   There is a pedestrian path with six viewpoints between Praia da Bordeira and Praia do Amado.   At the end of the day take advantage of strolling through the typical landscapes of the Costa Vicentina. Discover the location of this beach here.


Praia da Arrifana – Is a very popular beach for surfers and kite surfing enthusiasts but there is also space for bathers.   Its imposing beauty is the black rocks that rise and protect the beach.    Spend time at the beach ending the day with a walk over the cliffs and look out over the magnificent rock formations which give the impression of a shell.   Next to this beach is one of the treasures of the Costa Vicentina, Ponta da Atalaia, where brave shellfish gatherers bring their tasty barnacles to our plates.   Next to Praia da Arrifana is a restaurant which is well worth a visit for its delicious dishes. Discover the location of this beach here.



Can I book my holidays through a real estate agency? At Casas do Barlavento there is a team available in each office ready to accompany and assist with helping you find the ideal place for your vacation in the Algarve as well as advising on the best time to take your vacation.   How to start the search process, it’s simple!   Get in touch via our website, choose the best area in the Western Algarve to spend a few days holiday and the number of people in the party.   Should you have specific requirements such as a house with a private pool or a house on the beach front, our teams will take all of this into account and present our portfolio.  If you want to skip this step search for your 2021 or 2022 holiday home here.


All properties are fully equipped and are thoroughly cleaned between stays in accordance with the rules imposed by the Portuguese health authorities.   Whenever necessary there will also be regular contact with our teams.


Booking a holiday home in the Algarve through a real estate agency with our characteristics is a safe choice!   Avoid any setbacks even before you start your vacation.   We guarantee a holiday in the best villas and apartments in the Algarve!  


And we want to be a part of the best event of the year, your holidays!

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