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How to sell your house faster?

Do you want to do a fast sell but you don’t know how to do it, quickly? We give you 6 essential tips, to finish your business successfully in a short time.



Right price

Asking for the right price is the key to selling a house quickly. Before placing your house on the market, analyse other similar property prices and pay attention to the house typology, area and some characteristics such as the construction year or condition of the house. Because we are talking about your property, do not forget that you have an emotional connection with space, and therefore, you may over evaluate your properties. This tiny mistake does not help the process of selling your property because potential buyers may lose their interest just before asking for information. Since the longest period of unrest around your property happens in the first month of the publication, try to apply a fair price since the very first day, according to the market.

The second most committed mistake, after some time without being able to sell the house, is lowering the price of the property considerably. This gives the idea that the house could have some issues. In order to avoid these situations and if you have any doubts, consult an expert/ professional in the area.


House ready to move in

Don’t show the house before you do little renovation works like, painting a dirty wall, fixing a faucet, changing bulbs that don’t work anymore, or doing a profound cleaning all over the house. The buyer, when he finds these small flaws, he can step aside from the business or simply claim for a large discount. You shouldn’t neglect that it’s possible that you’ll add more value if the property is in good condition and looks great for the potential buyers.


Professional photography

When you hire a real estate agency, it is certain that professional photos will be taken and you will not have to worry too much about the look of your house. If you want to do everything yourself, you will have to pay attention to some important aspects, such as the depersonalization of your home:

  • Put away photos of yourself, family or friends;
  • Take everything off your kitchen countertops;
  • Remove all personal hygiene products from bathrooms;
  • Hide the garbage cans;
  • Prepare the house for visits (learn all about Home staging, here);

To give a sense of the size of your property, try to empty the rooms as much as possible and take photos from the right angles. For a good final result, it is not enough to take photos with your mobile phone. If you can, invest in quality photo material or in a professional photographer. This is one of the most important tasks to do and will open windows for future buyers. If at first sight the house doesn’t please the buyer, hardly anyone will want to visit the house. (see some examples of how to prepare your home on our website).



When someone chooses a house to live in, he takes into account all the surrounding places and facilities. The seller should always point out in the advertisement if the house is near to public transports, if it is well served by parking lots or schools and grocery shops. In short, anything that can enhance the value of the property must be described in the advertisement.



The Internet is the place where most people advertise the sale of their property, for the simple fact of being able to reach many people with minimum investment. There are many free websites where you can advertise your property in just a few seconds. Social networks are also a good bet for that. If you aim to do everything on your own, prepare yourself for many questions from curious people and, with some luck, from real stakeholders. You should know how to answer to everything about the house, so be well informed before placing the advertisement on the internet and always have time to receive visits.

One of the most successful and popular advertisements is putting a board next to the property. If the street is busy, it will stand out and the possible buyer will have more sense of the property area.


Business conclusion

Know that, to conclude the business, you need some important documents with you, such as:

  • Seller identification;
  • Land registry certificate;
  • Title certificate;
  • User licence;
  • Property deed;
  • Property plans;
  • Energy certificate;
  • Housing technical data sheet;


The whole process can take time if it is not done in the best way and can cost you some money. Pay attention to all tips above, and be aware, the real estate agent has the function to speed up all the tasks and make you earn even more money in the sale of the property. (See here all the advantages of working with a local real estate agency).