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01, aug 23 | Reading: 7 min.

Is it Beneficial to sell a house without a Realtor? | Casas do Barlavento

Selling your property by yourself can be a very demanding process due to the time and commitment involved. You also need to be able to handle questions from potential buyers. Is it beneficial to sell a house without a realtor? Find out all about what it takes to put a property on the market and whether selling a house without a real estate agency is right for you.


Contrary to what you may think, a realtor is not just about getting clients to view a property for sale or charging a percentage after the sale. A great real estate agent possesses all the necessary skills to complete transactions quickly and with the right knowledge. With an estate agent by your side, buying process or selling a property becomes easy and safe.


cover image of the article: Is it beneficial to sell a house without a realtor? In the picture, a real estate agent is conducting a video conference with a client.

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Buying and selling a property involves legal and bureaucratic issues and requires careful attention. Therefore, professionals must continuously educate themselves to ensure a quick and uncomplicated process. At Casas do Barlavento, our staff is guaranteed professional training to ensure a prompt and effective process. It is essential to comprehend everything that constitutes the realtor work before addressing the initial question of this article: Is it beneficial to sell a house without a realtor?


One of the tasks of our real estate agents is to provide advice on property valuation. Getting the property value right at the start of the process is crucial for selling your property quickly. The strategy for publicizing the property, i.e., property marketing, is another significant step in the process. With an effective strategy, you are guaranteed to reach the right clients.


In addition to the aforementioned benefits, others will help you understand why working with a real estate agency is the best option. Learn more about five other advantages:


  1. Collecting the documents for the purchase or sale of the property:

The initial step in selling a property is understanding the required documentation to handle all the bureaucratic and legal aspects. The role of a real estate agent is to assist you in assembling these documents and guide you on how to obtain them. In this article, you will learn about the documents needed to sell your house.


  1. Property valuation:

Selling a house is a business endeavour, and like any other, no one wants to incur losses. However, this does not justify setting an exorbitant and unrealistic value on the property for sale. Selling a property can be an emotional process, and the inclination may be to seek a value higher than the property's actual worth. The real estate agent's responsibility is to present the client with the reality. As an impartial intermediary, during the valuation process, the realtor will conduct a market survey and assess comparable properties until arriving at the fairest value for both you and the prospective buyer.


  1. Promoting the property with a property marketing plan:

After the property has been valued, the next step is to market it to the appropriate clients. The internet has revolutionized this area and has enabled us to do so. Casas do Barlavento's marketing plan includes professional photographs, interior videos, virtual tour images (360º images), and aerial drone footage for each property listed. The image capture method is determined by the real estate company's marketing team. Even before the house becomes available on the online market, a description with all the essential details is created and posted on various property portals. These portals are present in both the Portuguese and international markets.


  1. Filtering of contacts by the estate agent:

Estate agents typically maintain a portfolio of clients and are aware of the specific criteria each individual is looking for in a property. Our agents directly promote their properties to these clients. We strive to maintain close relationships with our clients at Casas do Barlavento, and this has been the foundation of our work for the past 20 years.


  1. Local real estate agency - Western Algarve:

We have a significant advantage because we are a local real estate agency. It is the only way we can ensure that we have the necessary knowledge of the field in which we work. The location and surrounding market of the Western Algarve have become our speciality, enabling us to know every detail of this side of the Algarve. We must respond quickly to our client's requests for property searches or sales. As a result, our realtors always conduct extensive research to ensure successful transactions. However, it is our thorough understanding of the Algarve property market, with a particular emphasis on the Barlavento region, that leads to quick transactions.


  1. Plan and prepare property viewings

The story behind any property can influence a potential buyer's decision. Being able to identify and know how to communicate the benefits of buying a particular property is an asset to success. This expertise and willingness to receive potential buyers is a time-consuming task. If you intend to sell your home on your own, you should keep this in mind and allow enough time to show it to several people and negotiate the price. You must be prepared to answer all questions and organize the house to welcome the clients.


  1. Completing the property purchase or sale

A real estate agent is always a win-win situation for both parties because they consistently advocate for the buyer's and seller's best interests. You will not have a legal intermediary if you decide to sell the property yourself, and you will almost certainly need to seek legal advice to ensure that nothing goes wrong in the purchase agreement or the property deed. Consult a real estate agent early in the process of buying or selling your home to avoid additional stress and delays.



If you still decide to take the risk of buying or selling a property on your own, consider the following tips:


Tip 1 - Gather all documents for the sale of the property:


  • Owners' identification documents;
  • Energy certificate of the property;
  • Caderneta Predial Urbana;
  • Licence to use the property;
  • Certificate of the Land Registry;
  • Technical Data Sheet Housing;
  • Legal Right of Preference;
  • Declaration of Condominium Charges.


Tip 2 - Small improvements help to increase the property value and even improve the energy certificate. A selection of attractive and contemporary furnishings will help attract more clients through property photos. Take your cue from the latest trends in interior design.


Tip 3 - Invest in good property photos and write the property description from the prospective buyer's perspective. Advertise your property on major portals or social media.


Tip 4 - Prepare your home to receive visitors by decorating the rooms neutrally to allow the potential buyer's imagination to run wild. Learn some home staging techniques (The Importance of home staging).


Tip 5 - Manage your offers well (Learn more in - How to Decide Between Multiple Offers on your property?).



Seeking professional assistance with one of the most important decisions in your life is a wise choice. Don't put significant investments or sales at risk. Casas do Barlavento will always be there for you.