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Kids room decoration guide 2020

When the time comes to decorate the kid's room, we know we have a lot to choose from. The worst would be the possibility that not everything is viable for some rooms. Some rooms are small, others narrow and others are shared with older siblings, so it is mandatory to please all age groups.


In this article, we propose some suggestions for the coming year. We present some trends, and so we want to encourage the parent’s creativity.





Colours are a must for any space, and perhaps what takes the longest to choose. It is with light colours that we make the spaces wider even though they are small. Or make them cosier with warm colours, like shades of red, orange or yellow. If you want to change to a lighter shade in the future, remember that darker shades are always the hardest to paint over.

Be creative, don’t create monotonous spaces where you use only one colour for the walls and fabrics. You can always choose pastel-coloured walls and livelier coloured textiles. Whenever you want to make a small change, change the bedspread or the pillows.

The Pantone tones for next season are already picked. Take advantage of bold colours and combine with pastel colours.





As mentioned before, the walls can and should be painted in other shades, other than the traditional white. Besides paint, venture out to use wallpaper in a strategic point of the bedroom. In addition to kid’s patterns, consider sober patterns as well, which you could also use in another room of the house. If you want something easy to remove, there are stickers with several scales and shapes.

Use many wall lamps, in addition to creating points of ambient light, decorate the walls with original objects and full of shapes. The paintings with original illustrations are also a trend and thus support new artists.




If you chose walls with more neutral tones, you have the freedom to add a lot of colour to textiles. You'll find that curtains, rugs, cushions and even beanbags will make all the difference in the look of your little one's room. For the child to feel that the room is tailor-made, choose a canopy as he wishes, he will have dozens of shapes and formats to choose from. The different textures on textiles are a good motto for learning if the child is still a baby.

If you want these items to last for a while, choose them with a minimalist design so you don't get tired of their look.





This is the king object of any room; this is where we rest every night and every child plays day after day. The size of the bed, both in height and in length, must be chosen according to the child's age and size.

There are many models available in any specialty store, from the trendy Montessori-style low beds, drawer beds where you can host your child's friends, beds with built-in desks and the well-known bunk beds.

The bed’s structure is for decorating, along with other bedroom elements. The mattress must be chosen to secure your children’s good health. According to some experts, mattresses should be firm enough for children to have the correct posture while sleeping. Organic mattresses, despite being a high investment, are highly recommended as they do not have associated toxic products. They consist of cotton fibber, coconut fibber, food polymers, vegetable foam, and natural latex.


When decorating your child's room, don't forget to always ask for recommendations from the special person involved. Besides this, you can always impose a little of your personal taste so that this division follows your child's various stages of growth.