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06, may 24 | Reading: 9 min.

Live near a Golf Course in the Algarve

Are you a golf enthusiast who never passes up a great course to practice? What if we told you that buying a home near a golf course in Portugal is the new trend? Discover where you can invest in properties close to the best golf courses in the Algarve.


Photo by Andrew Rice – Unsplash


The Algarve region is fortunate to boast the country's best golf courses, hosting several elite championships in this sport. As an outdoor activity, golf has become one of the most sought-after sports by tourists and residents alike in the Algarve.


Golfing figures 


An estimate suggests that there are over 24.8 million golfers worldwide, with the number increasing by 2% each year. Portugal has 102 golf courses, of which 35 are located in the Algarve, making it the region with the most options to practice your swing in the country. Another interesting fact is that Portugal was voted the Best Golf Destination in Europe and the world in 2023, a recurring distinction awarded by the World Golf Awards.


Why is the Algarve the ideal golfing destination?


Sport is essential for mental and physical health, offering an excellent escape from our routines. In line with this, many head to the Algarve to play their sport of choice: golf.


Do you know why so many visitors purposefully come to the Algarve to play golf? One of the main reasons is the quality of life the region offers, especially the stunning locations where most golf courses are situated. Whether among pine forests with centuries-old trees or atop cliffs overlooking the ocean, the landscape is always breathtakingly beautiful, enticing players to return.


Temperatures are also a significant reason why golfers return to the region. Throughout the year, temperatures are mild, and the sun shines for over 300 days, helping the greens maintain the required quality for this sport. The pleasant climate provides many months of play, even during winter.



Photo by Claudio Schwarz – Unsplash


Golf Courses in the Western Algarve


The 102 golf courses across the country have varied characteristics and are ready to welcome players of all experience levels in this sport. As we've mentioned, the Algarve is the region with the highest number of golf courses, where each one offers different challenges to beginners and more experienced players. Come and explore the golf courses in the Western Algarve area and discover the best properties to live near these golf courses.



Santo António Golf Course 

A golf course set amidst a natural reserve with landscapes untouched by man, where the contours and challenges of the course are authentic works of nature. Perhaps that's why it's considered one of the most demanding in the Algarve due to its steep inclines and narrow fairways. Parque da Floresta is a great place to spend your days. Besides golf, Parque da Floresta, next to the Costa Vicentina Natural Reserve, offers pleasant afternoons with fellow golfers at the club. This course features 18 challenging holes.


Live in one of the most captivating places in the Algarve. Purchase a villa nestled within this resort, overlooking the golf courses. Check out our recommendation: a 3-bedroom villa with a pool and extensive grounds.





Espiche Golf 


Espiche Golf prides itself on being one of the most environmentally friendly golf courses in the entire region. 


It's designed to blend seamlessly with the natural surroundings, making it quite challenging and recommended for more experienced players in the sport. Nature presents the obstacles on this course, such as the lakes, streams, and abundant native flora. Bordered by local vineyards, the grass used follows the ethos of sustainable golf courses, utilizing grasses that require minimal watering. This course features 18 challenging holes. 


The apartments under construction in Burgau are an excellent choice for those who love living alongside great golf courses in the Western Algarve. Check out this project: 2-bedroom apartments with spacious terraces. 





Boavista Golf


Situated very close to Lagos is the modern Boavista Golf course. From the first hole to the 18th, you'll enjoy stunning views across this course. The first nine holes are always uphill to the highest point, so using a buggy is advisable. Then, in the last holes, there are water hazards and terrain undulations. This course is suitable for players of all levels, from inexperienced to highly experienced. The golf course was designed by architect Howard Swan.


For true golf enthusiasts, our next suggestion is a T3 villa with communal indoor and outdoor pools, boasting a privileged view. In addition to the pleasure of living in this luxurious villa, you'll have several advantages as it's part of the Boavista Golf & Spa Resort. Check out our recommendation: a 3-bedroom villa at Boavista Golf & Spa Resort.



Palmares Ocean Living & Golf


The course layout here is entirely customizable by the player. You'll have the chance to choose your route from three possible courses, each with nine holes. While playing with friends, don't forget to appreciate the stunning ocean views this course offers. With a descent to the sea, it's designed to host the most prestigious international golf tournaments. The three courses have completely different settings, offering equally varied challenges. Choose your playing location: Alvor, Lagos, or Praia, or switch between courses during your rounds.


Build your dream home on one of the plots for sale at Palmares Ocean Living & Golf. Learn more about this opportunity: Plot for sale in Lagos - Palmares Ocean Living & Golf.



Pestana Alto Golf


This is a golf course suitable for players of all experience levels. Located in Portimão, between Alvor and the renowned Praia da Rocha, it was built by the prestigious Sir Henry Cotton in the 1980s. However, the highlight of this course is the Par 5 with a length of 600 meters. This challenge, named the "Sir Henry Challenge," is unique in Portugal and possibly the longest in Europe. At the heart of the course is the clubhouse, which features a restaurant/bar, a golf equipment rental shop, and certified professionals to assist players during the game.


Don't miss the opportunity to visit this 2-bedroom villa with a pool and open-plan kitchen, just minutes from Pestana Alto Golf, nestled in a peaceful area: 2-bedroom villa in Montes de Alvor.




Penina Golf


Also designed by Sir Henry Cotton, this course is renowned among golf enthusiasts. Built in 1966, it was the first golf course in the Algarve and hosts three courses, all in one place. One of these courses is considered one of the most challenging in the world due to its unpredictability and various obstacles, such as water streams, slopes, and elevated greens. Penina Golf has hosted the Portugal Open several times and is located near Alvor, in Portimão.


Discover an apartment just minutes from the Penina golf course and a short walk from the 3 Irmãos beach in Alvor. An excellent choice for spending your holidays and for temporary rental income. 1-bedroom apartment with terrace.




Pestana Silves Golf


Situated near one of the oldest cities in the Algarve, which was once the capital of this region, Silves is a historic town with an Arab-style castle that captivates residents' horizons. Pestana Silves Golf is a challenging course that requires some experience. Its layout is quite modern and ensures excellent conditions throughout the year, providing views of the mountains and valleys, with boundaries created by orange groves.


Discover this property and combine the pleasure of living in a recently renovated villa just minutes from Pestana Silves Golf. Property with 4 units, swimming pool in Silves.




There's no way to measure the quality of life the Algarve offers. Amidst nature, low population density, outdoor sports, and year-round mild weather are decisive factors attracting more foreigners and locals to buy homes in this region. Annually, the Algarve welcomes new residents who choose to stay year-round, as well as temporary residents who spend more than half the year in the region to enjoy these amenities.


Embrace the quality of life and secure your property amidst the best golf courses in the Algarve. Casas do Barlavento will advise on the best real estate investment in the region.