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Marisa Alexandre’s perspective regarding Casas do Barlavento

More than a year has passed since Casas do Barlavento acquired Lloyd's database, so we asked Marisa (a former Lloyd's worker) the differences between the 2 companies and how was Marisa integrated into the new administration.

Born and raised in Lagos, Marisa continued to feel at home after this change. Marisa is a solicitor; however, by integrating Lloyd's in 2014, she fell in love with the area of leasing and property management. In fact, she considers that her expertise allows her to give even more effective support to the owners.

Marisa says that this management change in 2017 was very positive, mainly because it brought more modernity and technology to the work environment: "... even the owners ended up gaining from the change, since they now have a direct and immediate access to a portal where all account movements and everything about the property is displayed, in real time. Previously they had to wait a month to receive the information since it was done manually. " In addition, Casas do Barlavento is updating all the photographic material of the properties: "now we have professional photographs, something we did not have before. We are currently updating the (prior) Lloyd's entire portfolio.

She adds that another improvement is the fact that there is teamwork: "now we are four working for the same thing. The team is cohesive, I have more help, it is much better, than before."

It is with great pleasure that we realize that this change is being very positive, both for Marisa and for the owners. We also thank Marisa for all the efforts and contributions made to date.