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Portugal Distinguished In World Rankings

Portugal has been gaining a prominent position in world rankings at various levels. Several studies prove the reasons why Portugal is fashionable, reinforcing the country as an extraordinary destination in which to live.


Portugal was already considered the best destination in Europe for pensioners, according to  "International Living" magazine. Various criteria were compared for this study: safety standards, cost of living, house prices and health care. But general factors such as climate, social security, and good entertainment were also considered. Portugal is seen as one of the safest countries in the world, by the Global Peace Index which assesses factors such as the number of homicides, possession of weapons, terrorism, public safety and domestic violence.


Now it occupies the 24th position in the first world ranking of quality of life, a study conducted by the Universidade do Minho and entitled World State of Quality (WSQ).


This study assesses the quality of 110 countries in various areas such as unemployment rates, happiness, innovation, ease of doing business, ecological footprint, environmental well-being, income distribution, GDP, competitiveness, infant mortality rates, average life expectancy and education. This ranking works as a tool to help governments define "policies and strategies capable of raising the quality of the countries and, consequently, the well-being of the people," the Universidade do Minho said in a statement. The distribution of the countries in several groups defines Portugal as being in the follower's group, the second-best position in the ranking: leading, follower, moderate, lagging and beginning. In the lead is Switzerland and at the end of the list is Mozambique. "In specific terms [Portugal] is the 5th country that counts more members of the International Academy for Quality (IAQ) per inhabitant, the 9th with the highest number of organizations with per capita quality certification, the 14th with the lowest infant mortality rate and the 16th with the longest life expectancy, with more universities per capita in international rankings and with more quality articles published in reputable journals, " the study concluded.


Being one of the best countries to invest in luxury real estate, Portugal also rose several positions in the world ranking of competitiveness and talent, being among the first 20 countries of 63 evaluated. The World Talent Ranking 2018, developed by the World Competitiveness Center of IMD (International Institute for Management Development) collaborates exclusively with Porto Business School and evaluates 260 different indicators. This study analyses the countries in terms of investment and development of local talent (7th place for Portugal), attractiveness (Portugal rose seven positions) and fitness level of the country (registered a rise of 9 places).

According to the analysis, Portugal is one of the three European economies that are rising in the study, along with France and Italy.



Portugal continues to win awards, to raise positions and to be highlighted in the world rankings for the best reasons. Casas do Barlavento is proud to operate in this country, where it is already proven that the quality of life is one of the best. Do you need more reasons to move to Portugal?