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Review of the year by Casas do Barlavento Sales Director – Paul Cotterell

Is it December already? Where has the year gone?! Casas do Barlavento have been quite busy this year and the success has not only been in sales but in all areas of the company. The Casas do Barlavento sales team have just returned from Luxembourg making that the 6th exhibition/conference this year to date including Sweden, France and Holland and we reported a major interest from the Europeans in investment in the Algarve. Having connected with great agents abroad in these countries, the success rate that we have had from the inspection trips and other arranged visits was pretty spectacular.

“A decision made last year to invest more into the exhibitions and increasing the selling capabilities of the company for our clients was the best decision we ever made” says Paul Cotterell Sales Director, furthermore “ if the market continues to grow alongside buyers 'confidence then we will be looking to add to the exhibitions in 2018. This investment in  international exposure increases our clients selling odds, therefore we incentivise anyone interested in selling their property to contact Casas do Barlavento to start the real estate process”.