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Safe Holidays in Portugal

Do you know what you should look for to ensure a safe vacation for you and your family? In what is the most atypical summer in recent years, we understand that the main word in the choice of your vacation is safety.


We dedicate this article to the essential points to research, so that holidays are always a reason to rest, now in a "new normal".



Holidays express relaxation, family moments and above all, the discovery of new places. These days, the best option to enjoy all the positive points will be the rental of a house or holiday apartment. So that there are no doubts, we have gathered some aspects to take into account when researching.


  • Kitchen

When renting a holiday home, you will have a kitchen at your disposal for all or some meals. Unlike a hotel, where you are forced to eat out, here you have your private space and will avoid other people. At check-in, ask which restaurants follow the rules strictly and with little attendance. This way, you can enjoy the local gastronomy with tranquillity.


  • Pool

Some condominiums with a shared pool prefer to close these spaces to ensure the safety of everyone. If the pool is essential on your vacation list, look for houses with a private pool. Enjoy the sun without sharing the sun loungers with other people and ensure fun for the little ones.


  • Beach

For the vast majority of people, a vacation without a beach is not a vacation. If you are part of this group, take that into account and search for housing near extensive beaches. The essential social distance will be easier to comply, and you will not run the risk of finding the beach always crowded.

In the Western Algarve you'll find some beaches with these characteristics:

  1. West Meia Praia, in Lagos with the capacity for 2300 people;
  2. East Meia Praia, in Lagos with the capacity for 8700 people;
  3. Praia de Alvor, in Portimão with the capacity for 4200 people;
  4. Praia da Torralta, in Portimão with the capacity for 2200 people;
  5. Praia da Rocha, in Portimão with the capacity for 8800 people.


  • Hygiene and safety

In these times of pandemic, common sense forces the sanitization of vacation rental spaces and the use of a mask when there is contact with people outside the family. It is essential to follow the recommended guidelines for the safety of the guests as well as the employees of the space.

When scheduling your vacation, make all the questions that seem relevant to you. It will be a natural act for those looking for safe holidays.


  • Activities

Family vacations with the little ones require distractions and activities to pass the time. Take the opportunity to do everything you couldn't during lockdown. A holiday home with a backyard is the ideal place for children to play and run. In advance, you can organize games or barbecues in the open air, to enjoy the beautiful weather.


Have a well-deserved and safe vacation, we will be happy to present to you the holiday home that best suits your family's needs. Contact us here.