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Sale completed in record time

“Casas do Barlavento” achieved an all time record for the sale of a property with the entire sale process, from beginning to end, being completed in just four days.

It all began during a normal golf game at Boavista Golf & Spa Resort. Paul Cotterell, sales director of “Casas do Barlavento, was playing with two potential buyers, Mr. Derek Weekes and Mr. Peter Hawkins. «The conversation came round to the property market, as it usually does, and they asked me if I could possibly find them a property on the Boavista golf & Spa resort», stated Paul Cotterell.

«Even though it was raining torrentially that Monday morning I tried to provide them with as much info as possible and I managed to get hold of a property situated on “Fairways village”, a lovely, well equipped two-bedroom apartment», he continued. «We booked a viewing for the next day after which we had a brief conversation regarding the benefits of choosing that apartment, and then a decision was made, which was a resounding “yes”. We then proceeded to the sales office where the clients made an instant reservation of the property». «The Friday of the same week we were at the Notary in Lagoa and the clients were signing the final deeds to the property».

Within four days Mr. Derek Weekes and Mr. Peter Hawkins became owners of the two-bedroom apartment in “Boavista Golf & Spa resort” and full platinum members of the golf club.

This sale, completed in record time at “Casas do Barlavento”, proves that «if you want to live the dream, and you have the necessary investment, things can be accomplished very quickly, making everyone happy», declared Paul, with an evident smile on his face.