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Selling your property: With or without a real estate agency?

Selling your property can be a hard process due to the extra dose of patience, dedication and time that you need to spend. Do you want to do everything by yourself, or you prefer a real estate agency help?

A real estate agent, in spite of what the majority may think, is not only about costumer acquisition to visit your property and after selling your house to charge a percentage. A good real estate agent has the know-how to transform exhausting steps into simple steps.

Selling a property involves many legal and bureaucratic matters and it is crucial to be well prepared, so, for that reason, real estate agencies are training professional agents, so that this can translate to a good evaluation of the properties, in an effective diffusion strategy, as well as, having the right costumers to make a good transaction for the best interests of the buyer/ seller.


Know the 7 benefits of working with a real estate agency:


1 - Gather all the documents

The first thing to do to sell a property, is to know which are the fundamental documents to take care of the bureaucratic and legal process. A real estate agent knows which, as well as, how to get them if necessary.


2 - Property evaluation

Selling a property is a business, and like in every other business no one likes to lose. However, you can’t give an unrealistic and exorbitant price to your house, because selling a property also is an emotional sell and we have the tendency to over evaluate our house, according to our needs.

A real estate agent, being an impartial person in the evaluation moment, will do all the market survey work, as well as an evaluation to a similar property, until he gets the best and fair price for you and the buyer.


3 - Advertising your property

After a good evaluation of your property, professional photos will be scheduled, as well as a property video, if adequate. A professional description will be done with special focus to reach the target audience, and as soon as your property is online the diffusion is made for the main national and international real estate channels, with the aim to reach the right buyer.


4 - The contacts selection of the real estate agent

The client’s knowledge about the business allows to create a trusting relationship, that is essential for success. It is important to have the right costumer for the right property to sell a house, and only the 16 years’ experience allows us to give you a proper and firm answer to the seller/buyer needs.


5 - Local real estate agency

The biggest advantage is an excellent knowledge of the surrounding location and market. The modern clients are well-informed and it is important to know how to answer any questions that may come up, as well as, show exactly what they ask for.


6 - Scheduling and preparing visits

The story that is told about the property defines the final decision of the costumer. It is indispensable to be well prepared to answer all the questions, and in the same way, prepare the property for the visit. The real estate agent shows you the client’s preferences before the visit, in order to lead you to a favourable atmosphere to tell the story that he wants to hear.


7 - Business realization

The real estate agent adds value to both parts, because he makes the intervention always thinking the best for both the buyer and seller. In case you decide to sell your house by yourself, you will not have a mediator for legal questions and you will end up having to turn to a lawyer so that nothing is missed with the promissory contract. If you’re working with a real estate professional, he will show all the legal steps for you so you won’t have to spend more money.


The whole process will be quicker and safer because it will be in the hands of a professional that understands all of your intentions and works for the business realisation.


If you want to take the risk to do all the steps by your own without any professional help, please note the following steps:


Tip 1 - Gather these documents:

  • Updated property certificate
  • Urban property notebook
  • Use license
  • Property data sheet
  • Energy certificate
  • Distract mortgage (if you asked for a mortgage loan)


Tip 2Small maintenance or new/attractive furniture will help to add value when you have to do the property evaluation. Do note that the evaluations must be made by an expert. (Check this article 7 home decoration trends for 2019)


Tip 3 – Focus on the most interesting points and take good property photos and write a descriptive about your house. Advertise your property on the main property channels.


Tip 4 – To encourage the imagination of your possible costumer, prepare your house for visits and keep a neutral aspect. (The importance of the Home Staging)


Tip 5 – Do a good management of the submitted offers on your property (Read more here How to decide between multiple offers on your property?)


A well-promoted property, leads to an achieved goal – that may depend on you or us, if you accept our help!