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21, jun 24 | Reading: 8 min.

Summer Activities 2024 in the Algarve

Everyone who loves the Algarve knows that its coastline is a masterpiece sculpted by the winds and Atlantic seas, which wash countless beaches visited by thousands of tourists throughout the year. However, what many may not realise is that the Algarve offers much more than just fine sandy beaches and warm waters. From the adventurous, who love extreme activities, to the more tranquil, who prefer relaxing pursuits, the Algarve provides a wide range of activities for the summer of 2024, catering to all tastes. Whether you're planning a holiday in the Algarve or already reside in the region, explore our suggestions for summer 2024 activities, as well as holiday homes to gather with family or friends.


Summer Activities 2024 in the Algarve - woman sitting by a pool on a sunny day in the height of summer.

Photo by Oveth Martinez – Unsplash


  1. What are the best extreme activities in the Algarve?


There are summer activities that boost adrenaline and are worth experiencing in stunning settings like those in the Algarve. Discover the best extreme activities and break free from the pressures of everyday life during the summer of 2024.


Summer Activities 2024 in the Algarve. Several people are kiteboarding in the sea at sunset.

Photo by Samuel Bryngelsson – Unplash




  • Wakeboarding in Lagos is practised near the aerodrome at Wake Park Lagos, which features two large lakes and obstacles that challenge even the most fearless. Wakeboarding emerged in the 1980s as an alternative for surfers on waveless days. In this extreme sport, the participant is towed by a boat or other motorised means and uses a board like a snowboard, strapped to the feet with boots. As the boats move, they create waves, allowing riders to perform manoeuvres on the water.


  • Kitesurfing takes place in Alvor, in the estuary, where wind conditions are ideal, and there is a natural reserve with untouched landscapes. If you're not familiar with this extreme sport, the power that propels the board and kite (a large kite) is the force of the wind. This sport aims to fly and glide over the water, and the Alvor estuary is the best spot in southern Portugal for beginners. If you're familiar with kitesurfing, you can practice it in the sea at Alvor Beach, adjacent to the estuary. Learn to glide on the sea and rent equipment at Alvor Kite Center.


  • Surfing, one of the most popular water sports in the world, gained popularity in the 1960s, and Portugal didn't lag. The Algarve has an advantage over the rest of the country: two coastlines for surfing. On one, the waters are calmer, ideal for less experienced surfers. On the other, the winds, tides, and fewer swimmers provide the best conditions for surfing. There are two surf schools to venture into the waves of the Algarve. The first is Lagos Surf Center, near Meia Praia in Lagos, where you can take your first steps in surfing and rent the necessary equipment. The second is Carrapateira Surf School, located at Bordeira Beach, where constant winds ensure great surfing days.


  • After enjoying water sports in the Algarve, there's nothing better than coming back to land and experiencing an exhilarating activity in nature. We recommend a treetop adventure at Lagos Adventure Park for a fun day out with the family. This summer activity is suitable for individuals of various experience levels, including those without physical training and children. Treetop adventure involves navigating courses and obstacles among trees, including thrilling passages on giant slides. We guarantee that after this experience in the Algarve, you'll be hooked on the adrenaline rush!


Days filled with extreme activities in the Algarve call for a stay in a peaceful and spacious place. Discover Casa Papoila, a three-bedroom villa in Lagos with countryside and mountain views. Outside, you can relax by the pool and enjoy outdoor meals.


  1. Do you know what culinary tourism activities involve?

Culinary tourism consists of participating in activities related to food and cuisine. It's a great way to explore the culture and lifestyle of a certain region. The culinary heritage of the Algarve is simple, nutrient-rich, and Mediterranean-influenced, making it one of the best places to experience unique flavours such as seafood, sardines, and hearty mountain stews.


Summer Activities 2024 in the Algarve. Image of a white wine tasting where glasses are raised in a toast.

Photo by Zan Lazarevic – Unsplash



  • The Rota do Petisco, which brings together various gastronomic delights at the table, is the biggest gastronomic event in the Algarve region but will take a break in 2024. However, the Teia d’Impulsos association has been challenged by the municipality of Portimão to create a new event: 100 anos, 100 sabores (100 years, 100 flavours), to be part of the celebrations marking 100 years since Portimão was elevated to city status. This new event promises to offer gastronomic experiences with menus dedicated to regional and national cuisine. Participants will also receive a passport to visit participating restaurants and explore their menus. This gastronomic event will occur exclusively in Portimão, from September 13 to October 13.


  • Portugal has a strong tradition of wine production, with thousands of bottles being exported and receiving national and international awards. Wines from the Algarve are made in Mediterranean or plains terroirs, giving them a unique flavour profile. If you're looking for a summer activity, why not try wine tasting in the Algarve? You can enjoy wines from local wineries and spend delightful moments among the vineyards, creating experiences of pure pleasure. Begin this wine journey at Monte da Casteleja in Lagos, where you can enjoy an organic and artisanal harvest. Next, visit Quinta dos Vales in Lagoa, where you'll fall in love with the wines and the colourful sculptures on the estate. Lastly, by the Arade River, you'll find Arvard, where you can taste their wines paired with a platter of cheeses and cured meats.


Enjoy a culinary-focused holiday in a city centre apartment just minutes from Lagos' top restaurants. Book your stay at Praça das Armas II apartment and enjoy stunning views over the city.


  1. Are you in need of ideas for children's summer activities?

Join in the fun and have a blast with the little ones this summer. Get ready for the best kids' activities with our suggestions. In the Algarve, there's no room for boredom. Go with the flow and give the kids the best holiday this summer of 2024.


Summer Activities 2024 in the Algarve. Children enjoy an activity in a pool of colourful balls.

Photo by Carlos Magno – Unsplash



  • For discerning children, we recommend high-quality, purely enjoyable activities! Near Lagos, there's a nature-filled space with animals that children love to visit: Zoo de Lagos. Here, children can meet and learn about over 150 species, including birds, mammals, reptiles, fish, and amphibians, all living harmoniously in the zoo. Plan a full day at the zoo and bring your picnic basket and swimwear for a dip at the beach, inspired by Boulders Beach in South Africa. Just like the authentic one, here you can also find a penguin family mingling with visitors.


  • How about combining science with a day of fun for the kids? At the Centro de Ciência Viva in Lagos, youngsters learn while playing in various activities. Adults are also welcome to explore the permanent exhibition “From Astrolabe to GPS,” which blends elements of the past with future technologies and team games. In this Lagos space, you can also visit temporary exhibitions on various themes, such as “Photograf'Art,” which addresses the issue of marine litter.


  • Discover one of the most enchanting activities for children: a boat trip to observe dolphins, departing from Lagos Marina or Portimão. These trips can last half a day or a full day, with some including a picnic on board or at a secluded beach. Along the way, you may spot dolphins and other cetaceans swimming playfully alongside the boat. Find the best tour along the waterfronts of Lagos and Portimão.


  • The best activities for children are ones where adults can and should join in too. Try out one of the slides at Slide & Splash, the oldest water park in the Algarve. Here you'll find dining areas and picnic spots perfect for family meals. There are also grassy areas with sun loungers to soak up the sun and catch your breath after the various water attractions. The park offers pools for all ages, shows with birds of prey and macaws, and even a spa with massages and fish spa tanks for relaxation.


Holidays with children should be spent in fun and spacious outdoor locations. Vila Formosa in Alvor is the ideal destination for family playtime, whether in the pool or the gardens overlooking the countryside.


Please provide us with your holiday dates, and we will recommend the best holiday homes in the Algarve. If you require more summer activity suggestions, feel free to ask at the time of booking. Have a wonderful holiday in the western Algarve.