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Summer Interior Design Trends 2019

Is summer a synonym of rest and pure relaxation for you? If the answer is yes, nothing like having a house with the level of comfort you require.


The hot season has arrived, the one where you feel like hanging out, relax or read. To do that in the comfort of your home, prepare it to welcome summer 2019. But how can you do it in a simple way, without having to resort to a specialist? Follow all our tips and check out the summer trends.



This season you only want to see, feel and drink fresh things. So why not combine that to your home? We present 4 trends that can be seen in any specialized store.


Trends for summer 2019


  1. Beach style

This is a timeless style, to which we always refer to the summer word. Think about how good it would be, to come home after a day at work and have the perfect beach ambiance, awaiting you. To get this, simply change certain details of your home or completely change a room.

In this style, the predominant colours are white, blue and beige. Textures and stripes must be present, as well as some sisal rope details.

If your furniture already has a light shade of wood, great. Otherwise, try to combine what you already have with worn out tone benches or side tables. Replace the pillowcases for some alluding to the maritime theme. Cover up the walls with new frames, venture out to hang your last photos from the beach. Learn how to make seaman’s knots with sisal rope and decorate a wall with several.


The beach style wouldn’t be the same without some seagulls and lighthouses spread throughout your home. If you aim to decorate a children’s bedroom, apply wallpaper with these motives so that if one day you decide to change, it will be easier to get rid of.




  1. Interior garden

Bringing nature inside the house will immediately make the house feel lighter and fresher. Choose plants that last indoors, if you are not familiar, here are some suggestions:

  • Rhapis excelsa – It’s a small palm tree, but that needs a big vase for its large roots. Take advantage and decorate the vase with some natural toned raffia.
  • Philodendron – This plant can reach up to 3 meters high, for this reason, choose a large room in your home.
  • Silver devil’s ivy – It’s a climbing vine with spotted leaves of light green. They are great to put near a bamboo ladder, as it will end up wrapping around it. They’re resistant in dimly lit places.
  • Fern – These plants need some care. It is convenient to suspend them and water must be sprayed to the leaves, not to the “heart’s” plant. They have a nice shape and also purify the air.
  • Aloe Vera and other succulents – they don’t need much care, only some luminosity. Aloe Vera has medicinal properties, its sap can be used for digestive problems and is great for making facial masks.

Choose natural elements for the furniture and floor, use rugs and poufs of natural fibre and spread wicker baskets throughout the house. Dare to paint one of the walls of dark green and apply gold frames and bibelots.




  1. Tropical style


Here what prevails are the strong tones and everything that brings us back to the summer. Don’t be afraid to mix colours, but define strategic spots to apply them.

You have many elements you can use such as the philodendron leaves, cactus, parrots, flamingos, and macaws.

The materials, like the interior garden style, must be as natural as possible. Use rustic woods or flatter woods, bamboo, wicker, cotton. Colour has to be always present, it’s a fundamental characteristic of this style which comes from Brazil. Another characteristic is the animal patterns, applied to curtains, blankets or pillows.




  1. Exotic style


This style should be inspired by the houses of the Philippines, Bali or India. Here the most important is the ethnic style, patterns and earthy tone colours. The wood is of a darker tone so that the strong colours and patterns stand out.  The furniture should not be tall, the chandeliers must be colourful and the rugs with animal patterns. Small furniture, where you can have some baskets, are practical and help to storage objects that never have a fixed place. Use the furniture that you already have, that through its colour matches this style, and simply change the knobs for something fun and of vibrant colour. The golden tones in figurines match very well and always stand out.

On terraces or small balconies, you can use hammocks and chairs, depending on the space you have. The side tables in dark wicker and small pouffes around it are a great option to relax and drink tea.



If you want to buy a house, get inspired with these styles and update your dream house. Be creative and take advantage of all corners to make it more comfortable and inspiring. (see other valid ideas, here)


Have you decided on a style, but still haven’t been able to imagine it in any of the houses you have visited? Talk to Casas do Barlavento about all of your ideas, and we’ll do everything in our power so that you can have your dream home.