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Tax address change - Why should you do it?

Did you know that every time you move into a new house you should change your tax address? That is, whenever your permanent residence address changes, you must request the tax address change service.

For this change you will not need to make a new ID, simply go to the appropriate counters for this purpose.



Why should you change your tax address?

There are some determining factors to do so and not to leave it for later.

  • To take advantage of the temporary exemption of the Municipal Property Tax of your new home, you should have your tax address updated.


  • If the house is rented, you will be inhibited from deducting rents from the IRS.


  • If you’re considering applying to a bank loan, you will need to submit an updated proof of address.


  • If you do not have this situation regularized, you will be subject to a fine ranging from 75 € to 375 €.


Where can you execute the tax address change?

You have several options where to do it, either in person or online.

  • In person, go to the finance counters, the notary and registration office or the citizen store counters.


  • You can do it online on two websites: on the finance’s website, and the citizen’s portal. On the financial service’s website, this service is only available for taxpayers with a citizen card and not with an identity card.


Which documents are necessary?

When you change your tax address, you must have some documents and information about the new address.

  • Citizen card/identity card.


  • Complete information on the new address.


  • The address PIN and the authentication PIN. These two PINs are on the letter you received when you made your citizen's card.


How can you acquire the new tax address?

As has already been said before, you have two ways to do it, presential or online.

  • In-person, ie at a counter, you’ll have to go twice to the same place. For the first time, you will present the complete information about the new address, and you’ll have to pay €3. Once the first step has been taken you will have to wait until you receive a letter containing a code with which you will be able to change your address on a new visit to the counter. Expect to wait for 5 workdays for the letter with the code.

On a second visit to the counter, make yourself accompanied by the letter to finalize the process. Both times you go to the counter, always take with you the two PINs, address PIN and the authentication PIN. In case you lost these two PINs you'll have to get a new citizen's card, which costs €15.


  • The online tax address change request also requires two steps to complete it. Through two websites, with this service, it is possible to do it for free. To do it in the citizen’s portal, you must have a card reader compatible with the citizen card and the address and authentication PINs. Know that if you reside outside the European Union, you won’t be able to do it through the internet.


The steps on the Financial services website are as follows:


  1. Already on the Financial service website, access to “Finance - Access Tax Services


  1. Click on the "Services" tab and look for "Tax status - Data" (the list is in alphabetical order) and choose to "Submit change request".


  1. Authenticate with your tax number and password.


  1. Next, insert your new home zip code, confirm all the parameters, and submit the change. Wait for a letter from this entity within a maximum of five workdays.


  1. When receiving the letter with the confirmation code, reopen the Financial Services website.


  1. Click on “Finance - Access Tax Services”, again.


  1. Select the option “Services”.


  1. Look for “Tax status – Data” and choose to “Confirm address”.


  1. Authenticate again, and finally, you will be asked for the confirmation code, found in the letter.



As you can see, it is always beneficial to change your tax address, do not risk a fine and earn by receiving an exemption of IMI in your new home. Choose how you want to change your tax address, whether online, being the easiest and fastest way or in person at the counters of the competent authorities.