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The 4 most shared destinations in the Western Algarve

Do you like to travel, but don’t dispense to check some tips on the internet, first? Don’t worry because you’re not the only one. According to a study by eDreams (Europe´s largest travel agency), Europeans choose their holiday destination after analysing which places are most shared on social media. To save you some time, we recommend you in this article some of the most interesting points in the Western Algarve. Some are more touristic than others, but all with a natural beauty worthy of good photographs for social networks.




  1. Vicentina Route

We start with the Vicentina route which has several trails over the Sudoeste Alentejano e Costa Vicentina nature reserve. Some of these trails aren’t easy due to the sandy floors and high cliffs. The Fishermen’s Trail, a trail generally used by fishermen, is a good example of this, as it isn’t suitable for those who suffer from vertigo and only can be done by foot, so the difficulty level is high, therefore you should have a good physical preparation to walk along the way.

In this route you can get to know the historic path that intersects the Algarve rural side. Throughout its 230km you can count on non-tarred-roads, nice people and breath-taking landscapes. This route is part of the major European Routes linking Sagres to St. Petersburg, Russia.

The Vicentina route also includes a circular trail that starts and finishes at Bordeira, a village nearby the sea with highland traditions. You can walk through the Mediterranean woods at the foot of the Espinhaço de Cão mountain or cycle by the hidden lakes, as well as appreciate the aromatic plants such as lavender or perpetual-seaweed. If you’re curious about the non-touristic Algarve, this is a good choice for your next holidays.


  1. Monchique

Just next to the Espinhaço de Cão mountain we find the Monchique mountain, composed of green landscapes and a gastronomy based on local products. It is inevitable to fall in love with the sausages, the boiled corn or the famous medronho, that can be eaten as a fruit or ingested as a drink that is distilled on the slopes of the mountains. All of this information can be shared on social media with your friends. 

If you prefer historical locations, near downtown Monchique you find the Nossa Senhora do Desterro Convent, which luckily, escaped from the fire in 2018. It is a historical monument, was built in 1631 under the Manueline architecture style. It was built by Pero da Silva – Viceroy of India, and in this building he had a tile panel collection, one of them was the representation of The Last Supper by Leonardo Da Vinci.


  1. Lagoa

One of the most photographed places all year in the Algarve is Lagoa.

The Marinha Beach has natural pools with crystal and calm water, caves and rock formations that, when observed from the right perspective, reminds us of the shape of a heart.

Another international recognised beach is Benagil beach. On Instagram, you can find several photos from the natural cavity of Benagil, a cavity on the rock formed by erosion, that caused a hole at the top of the cave and it is open to the sky. This place can be visited by boat, and it’s already a reference point for all of the Algarve visitors.


  1. Lagos

In Lagos, more precisely in Barão de São João, you can find the national forest, three trails full of surprises: in figures trail, you’re faced with craved faces on shale stones by the artist Deodato Santos; the poet's trail with original poems by the local poets also craved in stones; finally, the Watching-the-sea trail, which as the name implies takes place near the coast where you can observe the sea and all the existing local fauna. It's definitely a place to visit, where you can gather friends around a table and have a barbecue right at the start of the park.

Another interesting point that deserves special attention is one of Lagos ex-libris, the well-known Ponta da Piedade. One of the most visited places in the Algarve due to the characteristics of the rock formations, since 2018 it has new trails that allow you to wander by the hill and enjoy the landscapes from the multiple viewpoints.


Now, you can venture into the beauty of Western Algarve with the guarantee of taking with you breathtaking photographs. Certainly, each of these places will be an example for other people, who also search on the internet for the most shared destinations on social networks. If you need help to rent a house near one of these places, do not hesitate to contact Casas do Barlavento, we will be happy to help you to make your holidays come true. (know our best holiday properties for this summer 2019)