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29, nov 21 | Reading: 9 min.

The Best Houses Near a Golf Course

Are you a golf enthusiast who can't pass up a great course to hit a few balls? What if we told you that buying a home near a golf course in Portugal is the latest trend? Discover where to purchase real estate near the best golf courses in the Algarve. Understand why golf was one of the most popular sports last year.


Photo by Andrew Rice – Unsplash


The Algarve region is blessed with some of the best golf courses in the country, and several elite competitions are hosted there. Golf was one of the most sought-after sports by tourists and locals alike last year, shortly after the lockdown and free movement at national airports, as it can be practised while maintaining social distance, that is so valuable these days. The fresh air, the return to physical exercise, and the ability to have a nice time away from the hustle and bustle of the cities were the icing on the cake for golf in the Algarve in 2020 and 2021.


The statistics in the world of golf


It is estimated that there are about 24.8 million golfers globally, with growth of 2% new golfers each year. The sport's net value in 2020 was the highest it has been in 17 years. There are about 90 golf courses in Portugal that promote the sport. 35 of these 90 courses are in the Algarve, the region with the most golf practise facilities. Another intriguing statistic in this article is the amount of awards Portugal has received for being Europe's best golf destination. Portugal has won this prize five years in a row. It was the Algarve region's time for significant championships in 2020. The International Association of Golf Tourism Operators (IAGTO) named the Algarve the best golf destination in the world during the 20th edition of the IAGTO Awards.



Why is the Algarve the best golf destination?


With the gradual return to normal life almost two years after the onset of the global pandemic, the certainty that sport is essential for mental and physical health, as well as being a great escape from our routines, has been confirmed. Accordingly, many have travelled to the Algarve to indulge in their favourite sport, golf.


Do you know why so many tourists travel to the Algarve specifically to play golf? One of the primary causes is the region's high quality of life. Namely, the breathtaking settings in which the majority of the golf courses are located. Whether in the centre of pine forests with centuries-old trees or on cliffs overlooking the ocean, the scenery is always magnificent, enticing gamers to return.


Temperatures are also a strong reason for golfers to return to the region. Mild temperatures prevail throughout the year, and the sun shines more than 300 days a year, helping to ensure that the turf retains the quality required for the sport. The pleasant climate means that many months are suitable for golf, even in winter.


Photo by Claudio Schwarz – Unsplash


Golf Courses


The ninety golf courses spread throughout the country have different characteristics and welcome players of all experience levels in this modality. The Algarve, as we have already mentioned, is the region with the highest number of golf courses, each of which offers different challenges to both beginners and experienced players. Discover the golf courses in the Western Algarve and the best properties near the golf courses.



Santo António Golf - A golf course located in a nature reserve with landscapes untouched by man, where the slopes and difficulties of the course are true works of nature. Perhaps, for this reason, it is considered one of the most demanding in the Algarve due to its steep slopes and narrow fairways. Parque da Floresta is a great place to spend your days. Apart from golf, Parque da Floresta also offers pleasant afternoons with other golfers at the club, in addition to the Costa Vicentina Natural Park. This course has 18 challenging holes.




Espiche Golf - Espiche Golf prides itself on being one of the most environmentally friendly golf courses in the entire region. It was designed to not interfere with the surrounding landscape, and perhaps that is why it is so challenging. It is recommended for experienced golfers. Nature itself is the obstacle of this course, such as lakes, streams, and lush native flora. The course is lined with local vineyards, and the turf used follows the idea of a sustainable golf course by using grasses that require little irrigation. This course has 18 challenging holes.





Boavista Golf - The modern Boavista Golf Course is located very close to the metropolitan centre of Lagos. This course has a spectacular vista from the first to the 18th hole. We recommend utilising a buggy for the first nine holes because they are constantly uphill to the highest point. Following that, the water features and rolling topography on the final few holes stand out. This course was built by golf course architect Howard Swan and is ideal for all levels of play, from novice to expert.


  • Our next suggestion is a villa for true golf enthusiasts. Every day, you may wake up and watch the 13th hole from this 4-bedroom villa with a pool. Aside from the pleasure of being in this luxury villa, there are other benefits to staying at Boavista Golf & Spa Resort. Learn about our proposal: Villa with 4-bedrooms and a pool in the famous Boavista Golf & Spa Resort.



Palmares Ocean Living & Golf - The player can entirely determine the path on this course. You can choose between three different courses, each with nine holes. If you're playing with friends, don't forget to check out the seascape this course has to offer. The course is built to accommodate the most prominent international golf events and slopes immediately down to the sea. The three courses are set in radically diverse locales, each with its own set of difficulties. Choose one of the three courses to play: Alvor, Lagos, or Praia, or mix it up and play all three.




Pestana Alto Golf - This is a golf course suitable for all players with different levels of experience. It is located in Portimão, between Alvor and the famous Praia da Rocha, and was built in the 1980s by the renowned Sir Henry Cotton. On this course, you will be in for a surprise with the par 5 with a length of 600 metres. It is a challenge named after the golf course designer "Sir Henry Challenge" and is the only Par of this length in Portugal and perhaps the longest in Europe. Halfway through the course, you will find the clubhouse with a restaurant/bar, a golf equipment rental and certified professionals to help you with your game.


  • Near this prestigious golf course, we suggest a two-bedroom apartment of 100 sqm in Pestana Alto Golf in Portimão. This apartment features balconies and sea views, as well as access to a communal pool. See our proposal here: two-bedroom apartment in Pestana Alto Golf.



Penina Golf - Designed by Sir Henry Cotton, this course requires no introduction to golf enthusiasts. It was the first golf course in the Algarve and comprises three courses in one location. It was built in 1966. One of these courses has been dubbed "the most difficult in the world" due to its unpredictable nature and numerous obstacles such as watercourses, slopes, and elevated greens. Penina Golf, located near the village of Alvor in Portimão, has hosted the Portuguese Open multiple times.


  • To get the best of both worlds, we suggest an apartment facing the Ria de Alvor, close to the centre of this tranquil municipality where the fishing culture can be observed in the architecture of single-story houses and old buildings, like the fish auction. The apartment is in a gated neighbourhood with a communal pool and is only 10 minutes away from the Penina Hotel & Golf Resort. Our suggestion is available here: 1-bedroom apartment in a gated complex with a pool.



Pestana Silves Golf - It is located near one of the Algarve's oldest cities, which was formerly the region's capital. Silves, a medieval village with an Arabic-style castle that enchants its inhabitants' horizons. The Pestana Silves Golf Course is a difficult course that requires some prior knowledge. This course's layout is fairly modern, ensuring good conditions and views of the mountains and valleys, surrounded by orange fields all year.


  • The proposed villa is positioned on the golf course's front row, overlooking the 17th hole and the lake. With its white tones and modern lines, this three-bedroom, three-bathroom property shines out against the green surroundings. This villa has outdoor areas that are ideal for gathering the family or a group of friends to enjoy a round of golf. This is our suggestion: Pestana Silves Golf property with 3-bedrooms and a community pool.



Amendoeira Golf Resort - is located in the municipality of Pêra on 270 hectares of immaculate green. This golf course features not one but three great grass courses that may be played both during the day and at night. The Academy Course at Amendoeira Golf is the only 9-hole course in the world that is totally illuminated at night. This course is designed for beginning golfers who wish to improve their short game. Another of the three courses available, the Faldo Course, necessitates strategic play and accurate placement. The Faldo Course, which is nestled in a valley, is supplemented by the O'Connor Jnr Course.


  • Living just a few steps from where we play our favourite sport is no longer a pipe fantasy. Gather your family and friends in a 5-bedroom villa that provides the lifestyle you seek. This five-bedroom, four-bathroom home in Amendoeira Golf Resort includes a private pool and all of the resort's amenities. It is ready for immediate occupancy and still has certain advantages because it is part of this prominent resort's residential complex. Learn more about this 5-bedroom Villa and schedule a viewing appointment.


The Algarve's quality of life cannot be quantified. The natural landscape, the low population density, the outdoor sports facilities, and the pleasant climate that can be enjoyed all year round are all important aspects that are attracting an increasing number of foreigners and nationals to buy a home in this region. Every year, new residents who opt to stay in the Algarve all year or temporary residents who spend more than half the year in the Algarve take advantage of these opportunities.


Enjoy the quality of life and secure your property near the best golf courses in the Algarve. Casas do Barlavento will be happy to advise you on the best property investment in the region.