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The Condo Meeting Nightmares Arrive

The time has come for meetings in garages or building entrances; the season of controversy and discussions about the elevators; the problematic non-paying owners and, not to forget, the precarious cash funds for building maintenance! The truth is that for those who live in buildings (with communal areas) there is no getting around these condominium meetings.

These are of utmost importance to dictate how the maintenance fund of the building will be managed, but many times it seems that, in addition to being time consuming, these meetings are always below expectations.

To demystify this obligatory ritual of a condominium owner, Casas do Barlavento offers condominium management services that include those areas that may be more sensitive, such as:

1. Acting as a mediator in resolving any conflicts that may arise in common areas

2. Producing the principal rules of the condominium and distribution to all owners (in both Portuguese and English)

3. Collection of annual condominium fees from all owners and to provide a reserve fund

It is recommended that unhappy condominium owners request a proposal from Casas do Barlavento. For more information click here or further clarification please contact us at or (+351) 282 780 870.