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The Golden Visa Future

When the Golden Visa program was launched (2012), it created a financial bubble for the economy that was suffering a recession. Eight years have passed, foreign investment from outside Europe weighs less and less on the global volume of real estate trade. Nevertheless, since its inception, the program has already raised more than € 3.7 billion.

The embarrassment is not in the attractiveness of our country, but in the negative perception that the program has creating by the constant bureaucratic barriers, which began in late 2014.

If from 2016 to 2017 we had a decline in issued visas of 3.4% (844 million euros), this year the investment fell 18.4% (63.6 million euros) and, unfortunately, the downward trend will remain, says the president of APEMIP Luís Lima.

Casas do Barlavento believes that it will be challenging to recover the credibility of the program, mainly if the allocation of visas still does not work properly. However, there is always hope that new countries will discover this program, as is the case of the Turks who are now starting to invest in real estate, in Portugal.