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The Importance of Home Staging

If you have a property to sell, or rent, this article is aimed at you. With simple and relatively inexpensive techniques of home staging, your property will appreciate and can aid a faster sale and a greater return.

The concept of home staging aims to maximise the property value to its potential as well as make it more attractive and marketable. It is appropriate to “stage” your property not only when trying to sell it but also to increase its rental value if renting out.

Casas do Barlavento have listed below some techniques used when listing a property for sale, or rent,  which can help your property stand out from the rest:

  • Housekeeping/ organisation, deep cleaning and lighting–an immaculately clean and bright property, with everything tidily organised, creates an inviting setting and increases the sense of space.
  • Depersonalisation - Present a more neutral space, i.e., remove personal objects (photographs etc.), as it allows potential buyers/renters to imagine living there and personalising the property to their liking.
  • Neutralise colours - paint the walls but choose neutral colours, such as grey and beige, instead of strong colours, as this will give it a new look and space ends up looking bigger. With a little investment, you could also change curtains, cushions and rugs and neutralise the house.
  • Reorganise Furniture - Furniture layout and its size are very important for the general feel of a property. Sometimes people end up losing social space with a sofa or dresser that is too big, which, in turn, can be an obstacle to the sale of the property by making the rooms feel smaller than they are.

At the time of a viewing, it is imperative to remember that:

  • Smells are very important, so you should air the house, use an air freshener or, for example, bake a cake, as it has a very pleasant aroma.
  • Ideal temperature - try to provide a comfortable living temperature to make it even more inviting.


In short, these low-cost techniques can create a show-house atmosphere, which can be conducive to an immediate sale and at the highest possible value.

Casas do Barlavento always try to maximise the market value and profitability of your home through our free home staging services that, combined with professional video and photos, will improve the potential of your property by promoting it most effectively. Contact us for further details of this service.