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The New Algarve Tourism Strategy Involves Real Estate Investment

Following the positive trend that tourism has been experiencing in recent years, the new President of Algarve Tourism Board, João Fernandes, reveals some measures that he will adopt while in charge (until 2023).

One of the strategies is to try to promote the Algarve as an attractive investment destination for foreigners. If the tourists' loyalty has been achieved successfully, now João Fernandes hopes to consolidate this with a more serious commitment, which involves investment in the region.

To this end, a partnership was created with the Portuguese Real Estate Professionals and Brokers Association (APEMIP), which jointly offer a portfolio of buildings that are either vacant or in a degraded state in tourist areas, so that they can be disclosed to potential investors.


The "Invest in Tourism" platform is already online ( and will serve two distinct but complementary purposes - it promotes the recovery of degraded real estate heritage that has tourist potential and encourages the capture of foreigner investment. This bilingual platform is aimed at those who intend to invest in tourism through the recovery of real estate assets.

By developing joint strategies for external promotion, the relationship between Algarve Tourism and local agents is strengthened: "we are the arms at your service to develop and respond to your challenges. Because it is here that strategies are designed, and problems and needs are identified, " says Ana Mendes Godinho, State Secretary for Tourism.

The strategies of the new Algarve Tourism leader are based on the intervention in various matters as a mean of connecting public and private agents.