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This is the Best Time to Sell Your Home!

Don't put off until tomorrow, what gives you a positive return today!


Changes in most sectors will be inevitable, and the real estate sector will not be left behind. We know that change brings both positive and negative aspects, and most of the time, there are always related opportunities.



To better understand the various opportunities that exist in the real estate sector, we must distinguish between two main periods in this sector: the recent experience of the 2008 economic crisis, when property values fell and opportunities for buyers were created. In contrast, the period from 2014 onwards has been auspicious for sellers, with values rising progressively and thus ensuring positive returns and capital gains at the end of each transaction.


In these two phases, we have observed that opportunities have always appeared, only for different parties involved and at different times.


In the current scenario, due to the health crisis at the beginning of lockdown, the sales of houses have slowed down, mainly in major cities. This way, the benefits remained on the owners' side, and how? With the decrease of real estate supply in the market, those who maintained or entered at the same time, maintained or increased the values. The houses outside the big cities, especially houses with private outdoor space, were the most sought during lockdown. They were the first owners to benefit from the current world panorama.


With the fear of a new lockdown, people look for housing in peripheral areas, with preference in properties with private outdoor space and distance from neighbouring houses. This demand has led to shortages in this type of housing, causing its value to rise in recent months.


Flats with terraces or balconies are also part of the group of properties most sought after by those who cannot invest in a villa. Properties with outdoor space are in great demand, creating opportunities for homeowners with these characteristics.


The time we all are living in is uncertain for all sectors, but we can hope that nothing will be different since the last economic crisis. We are now going through the period when it is imperative to put the houses up for sale and with that have the expected return. Early next year, economic events could lead to reduced demand for houses and a reduction in bank finance.


The year 2021 will be a period of uncertainty, just as the beginning of the lockdown was. The media were betting on lower property prices but this didn’t happen. Instead, prices stayed the same, or in some cases, even increased. We realize that in the immediate future, it is safe to bet on the sale of properties, especially on those that meet the characteristics described above.


This is the moment to sell your house as the banks continue to finance, and there is a great demand from buyers. If you decide to postpone the sale, you may have a considerable reduction in the final value. Even if it seems catastrophic to close a deal with the pandemic situation, get in touch with one of our agents here in advance. We honestly believe that this is the ideal time for big businesses!