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Tips for Planning the Perfect Winter Holiday

If you didn’t have the oportunity to go on holiday this Summer; didn’t have the time to enjoy the sun and relax at a beach bar at sunset then maybe it's time to think about some time out for yourself this winter. The Algarve is diversifying the activities it has to offer during this time of year and is becoming a sought-after destination with mild temperatures and competitive prices. Casas do Barlavento can offer you some tips to help you enjoy a winter holiday to the fullest:

A Different Way to Visit

A different way to enjoy a great winter holiday, while still offering you privacy, is to ditch the hotel and choose a property to rent. Whether it is an apartment or a villa you will have more space and privacy than spending your time relaxing in a hotel room.

Use the search filters

If you are coming on holiday to the Western Algarve, Casas do Barlavento has a large list of properties available to rent. To be effective in your search, we recommend you customise your choices by adding filters to your search. This way it will reduce the list to the type of properties, locations and budget you want for your holiday.

Have an open mind
If this is the first time you’re going on holiday to a rental property be aware that there will be no check-in desk to welcome you. However, the lack of a check-in desk can be more practical and less time consuming than the check-in at a hotel. Some of Casas do Barlavento's houses have a digital coded key safe that gives you access to the property key. You just need to enter the code and open the door to your holiday home! In other cases, a member of staff is available to open the door, at any time of the day or night, although there is usually a small late arrival fee charged for an arrival outside of normal office hours.

Don’t compromise on quality

Although you’ll get a great price on your winter holiday accommodation it doesn’t mean you’ll be disappointed. Casas do Barlavento's specialists select and prepare all the properties so the accommodation is no less than perfect. We are committed to quality.

Wish for privacy, but not abandonment
Holidays in villas and apartments are undoubtedly much more private. You can spend whole days in the property – moving between the the living room to the kitchen and from there to the pool and back again, whatever takes your fancy. However, we guarantee that your privacy is not synonymous with being left completely on your own. If you have any questions, or if any issues arise, there is a 24-hour emergency number available to you.

This year opt for a quieter holiday, outside the busiest season, and take advantage of all the services Casas do Barlavento has to offer. Contact us now and ask us for advice.