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Tips for your Home Office

The world has changed, and our way of working too. Many companies have moved from the standing offices to the home office system, leaving behind the offices where workers met. In just a few months, employees started working in improvised offices within their own homes.


Photo by Collovhome – Unsplash


If in March 2020 the remote workplace was still a blank canvas, nine months later they are decorated and welcoming areas. If you haven't yet ventured into your home office refurbishments because you think you will soon be back to your usual routine, brace yourself. The pandemic brought many changes, and one of them was remote work, which is here to stay. Learn about other changes in the real estate sector here.


Now at home, you will be able to decorate your workspace as you wish it and adapt it to your everyday needs. Not all houses have a single office place, so the chances are to incorporate the office in another room that has extra space. Whether you have a single place or an office embedded in a room, you must follow a few steps to work efficiently and without distractions.

Check out our tips:



Office Lighting


For a more harmonious and productive day, natural light is essential in an office. The desk must be placed next to a window or a balcony, either facing or parallel to them.


In addition to the light coming from the window, it must have artificial light spots. We know that during winter time, the sun sets early, and at around 5.30 p.m. you will no longer be able to enjoy natural light. The hanging and articulated lamps save space on the desk and direct the light to strategic points. It is important to create visual comfort while working on the computer without having unwanted reflections on the screen. How to solve that? It's simple, place the hanging lamp above the computer, so that the light focus is behind the screen. The same applies to natural light, move the desk to where unwanted reflections don't compromise your computer screen visualization.


The lighting tone is also relevant to ensure eye comfort. Ceiling and directional lamps should have the same colour temperature and tone to create harmony and not tire the vision.



Comfortable Chairs


The chair is where undoubtedly you spend most of your time when working from home. Therefore, the chair is one of the objects in which you should invest and study which one is most appropriate for you. Always follow the ergonomics rules, resulting from good posture and try the chair before purchasing it. Only this way you will be sure that it is comfortable and has the ideal size. Wheelchairs are versatile, but some may slide more than they should or even scratch some floors type, such as ceramic. Choose to place an anti-slip mat suitable for office chairs, and this will prevent the chair from moving too much and protect the floor of your home from scratches.


Office chairs are an important choice and can be compared to choosing a mattress. It should allow good posture and health, combining this with the workplace decor.



Functional Objects


Do you have post-it scattered all over the computer screen or on your desk? The best way to organize all your thoughts or appointments will be in a cork or metal note board. There are many options in decor shops to keep your desk organized. To these notes board, you can add art or family photos, like other decorative elements.


Photo by Kelly Sikkema – Unsplash


Two of the most functional and indispensable objects in your home office are the ergonomic mousepad and laptop stand. Mousepads with wrist rests are one of the items that ensure good posture while working, as well as notebook stands. Together with the regulators in your chair, you will be able to have the laptop screen at eye level and thus maintain correct posture.


Find more tips here, to have your workspace functional and appealing.


One of the major changes that 2020 has brought us is the increase in time spent at home. For a positive change, comfort and functionality are the keywords to get you started in 2021 in the best way.