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Top 5 Properties in Luxury Resort - Baia da Luz

Have you thought about investing in a property in the Algarve? Whether it is to live or to invest, by renting it, Casas do Barlavento suggests you buy it on a closed condominium - resort. The level of security; The array of free facilities; the high maintenance level of common areas and gardens; The possibility of having a return on your investment, are some of the advantages. Since not all wallets are the same, we present you 5 properties for sale in Baía da Luz so that you can choose which one suits your needs and aspirations:

2 bedroom apartment-

2 bedroom duplex apartment -

3 bedroom townhouse -

Quarter share of 2 bedroom apartment with shared pool - - This ownership gives 3 months usage per anum on a rotational basis.

2 bedroom apartment - Bank repossession -

Live without worries if you buy a property of Baía da Luz through Casas do Barlavento, because in addition to our consultants facilitate the purchase, you can lease your property  through our property management which will leave you free to take advantage of your investment.