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Top Home Preps to Tackle in the Fall

The cold nights, the low temperature and the yellowish leaves of the trees announce the arrival of autumn. Is your house ready to welcome the upcoming season? Regardless whether you have recently acquired a property, or have owned it for a while now; whether this property is your permanent residence or mainly for holidays, Casas do Barlavento shares with you some tips to prepare your home and avoid future problems:


Unclogging time

Unclogging the gutters is a very unpleasant job, but necessary if you wish to avoid the risk of clogging, flooding and ravages caused by unexpected showers.


Check chimney and roof

Since you’re already on the roof to clean the gutters, it is the ideal time to check if there are any loose or broken tiles or if the chimney is damaged or cracked. If you own a fireplace, you should also check that the chimney flue cap is still in place.


Heater and air conditioning

Lower temperatures will lead to more frequent use of the heater and air conditioner, so it is best to maintain these appliances and change / clean the filters for better operation.


Outdoor Furniture

Harsh fall and winter weather affect your outdoor furniture. Anticipating the winds and rains, clean and store everything, so it doesn’t get damaged.


Prepare the garden for Spring
Autumn is the perfect time to plant bulbs to bloom in the flower season. If you want to have a garden in full bloom next Spring, now is the time to choose a sunny spot and get started with your gardening.


Airing the house
With the beginning of the rainy weather and the arrival of the cold, you may forget to ventilate your house. This is a practice we advise you to do at least once a week. It is a way of renewing the existing damp air and eliminating unwanted odours.


Many of these tasks are complicated and require time to be properly executed. One easy way is to hire external services to do all this for you. Casas do Barlavento offers property management services to assist in preventing future unforeseen events that may occur. Casas do Barlavento's integrated approach enables all of your needs to be solved on the spot with guaranteed supervision. Welcome the Fall with the assistance of Casas do Barlavento. Contact us for further information on all the benefits of this service: | Tel: (+351) 282 780 870.