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18, jul 22 | Reading: 8 min.

Top Summer Activities | Casas do Barlavento

Anyone who knows the Algarve understands that its coastline is a piece of beauty, sculpted by the winds and seas of the Atlantic that wash along the various beaches visited by thousands of visitors all year. Many tourists are unaware that the Algarve has much more to offer than stunning beaches and calm waters. From the most courageous who love extreme activities to the most peaceful adept of quiet activities, there are many summer activities here to suit the tastes of all visitors. If you're visiting the Algarve for the first time or just started living here, check out our suggestions for summer 2022 activities and holiday properties to rent.


On a hot summer day, a woman sits by a swimming pool.

Photo by Margot Pandone – Unsplash



  1. What're the best adventure activities in the Algarve?


Some summer activities get the adrenaline pumping and should be experienced in stunning surroundings, like the Algarve. Find out about the best adventure activities and let go of the pressures of everyday life with these summer activities.


A person kitesurfing at sunset.

Photo by Toby Christopher – Unplash



  • Wakeboarding in Lagos is practised near the airfield, at Wake Park Lagos, in an area with two large lakes with obstacles that challenge even the most fearless. Wakeboarding originated in the 1980s as an alternative for flat days (days without waves). In this extreme sport, the athlete is pulled by a boat or other motorized vehicle and uses a board that resembles a snowboard attached to the feet with boots. The auxiliary boats, when moving, create waves, so the riders can make manoeuvrers in the water.


  • Kitesurfing is practised in Alvor, in the middle of the estuary (Ria de Alvor), where the wind conditions are favourable, and there's a nature reserve with unspoilt landscapes. If you don't know this extreme sport yet, you should know that the engine that makes the board and the kite move is the power of the wind. The aim of this sport is to fly and glide over the water, and the Alvor estuary is the best place in the south of Portugal for the less experienced. If you already know how to kitesurf, you can practise it in the sea at Alvor beach, which borders the Ria. Learn how to glide in the sea or rent equipment at the Alvor Kite Center.


  • Surf, one of the most practised water sports in the world, became popular in the 1960s, and Portugal was not far behind. The Algarve has an advantage over the rest of the country. There are two surf coasts here; one has calmer waters and invites the less experienced surfers to try this water sport. The other one, the winds, the tides and the few bathers who stay on the beaches offer the best conditions for surfing. We leave you two options of surf schools to ride the waves in the Algarve. The first school is located near Meia Praia in Lagos, where you can make your first surfing attempts and rent equipment at the Lagos Surf Center. The second surf school, Carrapateira Surf School and Rentals, is located on the sandy beach of Bordeira, where the constant winds make for great surfing days.


  • After water sports, there is nothing better than returning to the land and practising an extreme sport in the midst of nature. The high ropes course at Parque Aventura de Lagos is our suggestion for a varied day out with the family. This summer activity is designed for different levels of experience, which means it is also suitable for people with no physical preparation and even for children. The high ropes course is a high-altitude activity where you overcome various paths and obstacles between the trees, including giant slides. We guarantee you will be addicted to adrenaline after this activity in the Algarve!


Days filled with adventure activities call for a stay in a quiet and spacious place. Meet Casa Papoila, a 3-bedroom villa in Lagos with views of the countryside and mountains. Outside, you can relax by the pool and even have meals al fresco.


  1. Do you know what gastronomic tourism activities are?


Regional gastronomic experiences can be the only incentive to visit a particular place. The Algarve's gastronomic heritage, simple, rich in nutrients and with a Mediterranean influence, is one of the best places to experience, taste and fall in love with unique flavours.


Image of a red wine tasting with the glasses lifted in toast.

Photo by Kelsey Knight – Unsplash



  • The Rota do Petisco is a true odyssey around the tables of the Algarve's restaurants, offering nothing but excellent gastronomic surprises. Participants take this route by following the directions on the initiative's passport, which is available at all participating restaurants. Participants will get unexpected gourmet experiences, including a meal and a drink, for a symbolic price in the following modalities: Snack, Sweet, Trail of the Chefs, Trail of the World, the Memory Trail, and the Wine Cellars Route. The Rota do Petisco 2022 starts on 14th September and ends on 16th October.


  • Portugal is a country with strong links to wine. Thousands of bottles of the nectar of the gods are exported and awarded nationally and internationally. The Algarve wines are made on Mediterranean terroir or in the lowlands, which gives a unique identity to every wine note. By now, you can probably guess what our next suggested summer activity is: tasting Algarve wines, of course! Taste the wines of the Algarve's wineries and spend quality time among vineyards, creating moments of pure pleasure. Start this wine tour at Monte da Casteleja in Lagos with a wine taste of an organic and artisanal harvest. Then head to Lagoa to Quinta dos Vales, where you'll fall in love with the wine and the winery's colourful sculptures. Finally, by the Odelouca stream in Silves, enjoy a wine tasting at Quinta do Francês and lose yourself in the vastness of the landscape of this 8-hectare winery.


Do you appreciate a holiday based around gastronomic tourism? Stay in an apartment in the city centre, just a few minutes from the main restaurants in Lagos. Book your holiday in the Praça das Armas II apartment and enjoy a breathtaking city view.


  1. Out of ideas for kids' activities this summer?


This summer, join in and have fun with your children. Prepare the greatest activities for kids using our ideas. There is no excuse to be bored in the Algarve. Allow yourself to be spontaneous and provide the ideal holiday for children this summer of 2022.


A kid shows a map of a theme park.

Photo by Sandra Seitamaa – Unsplash



  • For discerning children, we offer quality activities and pure fun! Near Lagos, there is a place full of nature and animals that the little ones will love to visit. They may learn about more than 150 species of birds, mammals, reptiles, fish, and amphibians that coexist in the Lagos Zoo. Plan a full day at the zoo and bring your picnic basket and swimwear to swim at the beach, a replica of the Boulders Beach in South Africa. Like on the real beach, here you will also find a family of penguins who knows how to become friends with humans.


  • Why not combine science with a day of activities for children? At the Ciência Viva centre in Lagos, children learn through play at the centre's various activities. Adults are also welcome to see the permanent exhibition "From Astrolabe to GPS", an exhibition about the past, using futuristic instruments and team activities. In this space in Lagos, you can see temporary exhibitions on different themes, such as Bird Photography – “Na Mira do Voo” by António Granado, a temporary exhibition that runs until 2022.


  • Introduce one of the most enchanting activities for children—a donkey ride from Aldeia da Pedralva into an area full of nature. The guided donkey rides last between 1.30 and 3.00 and include a picnic on the way. On the way back, you can show the children this renovated village, where the old style has been preserved with its whitewashed houses and cobbled streets. The old Algarve, typical of rural areas, was rebuilt in 2010 in Vila do Bispo. At Pedralva village, you will find a restaurant, a community oven and other activities for the whole family.


  • The best activities for children are those in which adults can and should also participate. Slide away at Slide & Splash, the oldest water park in the Algarve. There are also restaurants and picnic areas here for family meals. Lawns with deckchairs for sunbathing and catching your breath after the great water attractions. Pools for all ages, bird of prey and macaw shows, and a spa to relax with massages and fish spa tanks.


Spend your holiday with the kids in fun places with plenty of outdoor space. Vila Formosa villa in Alvor is the ideal place for family games, whether by the pool or in the garden of this villa overlooking the countryside.


Give us your holiday dates, and we will recommend the best holiday homes in the Algarve. If you need additional ideas for summer activities, please let us know when you book. Spend a relaxing holiday in the Western Algarve.