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Tourism Activities in the Algarve - Social Distancing

Many families took advantage of the time spent at home in confinement to put some activities into practice. Home reorganization, board games and tv series filled the days of homes all around the world.


Photo by alexeyzhilkin - Freepik


Now that it is already possible to leave home and enjoy outdoor activities, as long as the rules of social distancing and mask usage are respected, outside time will be even more exciting. To plan holidays or weekends properly, we have drawn up a list of activities that naturally, already respected social distancing.



Cycle Tours


Cycling tours are an excellent way to get to know your surroundings and practise sport at the same time. If you are on vacation in the Algarve or living in this region, know that you have several options where to rent a bike, with or without a tour guide. The landscapes of the less touristic areas will surprise even those who are living in the region.


It is recommended to warm up before starting the tour. Bring water and snacks so you can stop at the places with unique views. The Monchique mountain is one of the points you should not miss! Although the climb to Foia is physically demanding, reaching the highest point is undeniably pleasurable. Make a well-deserved stop and watch Lagos, Portimão, the sea and river from afar, all while having a snack and restore energy.


The country's south cities are building the necessary structures for urban cycling. This is a great opportunity to gather the family and discover the beauty of the cities and all their secrets on two wheels.


Find the routes that best suit your needs here. Cycle through the mountains, by the sea or take a different urban ride and discover a new Algarve, seen from another perspective.




Horse Riding


If you have always loved the idea of horse riding, know that in the Algarve it is possible. At the equestrian centres, there are prepared horses to receive several people, from the inexperienced to the most experienced ones.


Wear jeans, flat closed shoes and a long sleeve shirt. You will always be accompanied by an experienced guide with horses and knowledgeable of the most idyllic areas, suitable for horse riding. Make an early check-in and participate in the horse preparation so that you will have time to get attached to the horse and vice versa.


It is an activity that will stay in your memory for a lifetime. In the Western Algarve, you will find several horse ridings centres which provide country walks or on the beach by the sea. Take your horse ride here, or if you prefer a calmer ride and on the back of a donkey instead, book here.




Stand-Up Paddle


There are many options, you will only have to choose where you want to start your stand-up paddle trip. Better known by the acronym SUP, it is an easy sport and suitable for the whole family. Rent a board and go on an adventure, or if you feel less confident, go in the company of an experienced guide who will take you along the most beautiful routes of the Algarve coast. SUP is a popular sport on the Algarve coast, as the board is versatile and lets you go inside the most remote caves.


SUP practising is allowed in many beaches of the Algarve, due to the calm waters of the region. If you decide to do this trip without a tour guide, always opt for beaches with lifeguards as a precaution.



Sunset Watching


It is an activity that perhaps goes unnoticed by many but actually brings many sunset watchers to the Algarve. There are many great places to watch the end of the day unfold, but it is in Sagres that the show has the most impact. Being one of the westernmost areas of Portugal, the sun sets on the horizon, giving the feeling of diving into the sea.


There are tour guides that besides providing the best place for observation, they also serve a glass of wine and some tapas. Find the best tours here.



The Algarve is a place full of fascinating tourism activities that provide the social distancing that is now very necessary for everyone’s wellbeing. World-renowned beaches are a must-visit point. Combine the beach days with a few activities so that you get to know this part of the country better through another perspective. See more things to do in the Algarve here.