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Why buy a property in Portugal?

In recent years there has been a preference for Portugal, not only as a place to holiday, but also as an official residence for people from all around the world. But what does this country bordered by the sea have to offer?


We begin with its history. Portugal is one of the oldest countries in the world and has always been a host for a large variety of cultures. Throughout the regions, you’ll find legacies of its most outstanding periods.


Multiculturalism continues to be evident in every region of the country, making it rich in culture and traditions. The Lusitanian nation is, by nature, receptive to other cultures, demonstrating hospitality and conveying to foreign national respect and kindness.


Another attraction is its extraordinary climatic conditions. Portugal is the European country that sees the sun the most often. But, it is misleading to think the weather is monotonous.  Within a few hours you can leave a blue panorama and be within white, snowy landscapes or even tropical climates.


With the varied climate, diverse natural landscapes are born. Here you will find the most beautiful beaches in the world, lush green plains, mountain ranges of abundant vegetation and on the Azores and Madeira islands there is a beauty of a mystical nature at its wildest.


Another reason real estate agents have more foreign clients is due to the appealing Portuguese lifestyle. Rich gastronomy, dynamic cities, walks on the beach, a countryside bike ride or boat ride on the high seas, even a cool drink on a promenade at the end of the day. The little pleasures in life that allow foreigners to feel safe and sound while experiencing a dream come true.   


The national economy facilitates the experience of a safe investment in Portugal. After a less positive period we are a country that now breathes confidence, vitality and aspiration. Low prices, combined with the excellent quality of life, make Portugal the right bet.


Lastly, the cherry on top of the cake: tax benefits. Portugal offers tax benefits on pensions for 10 years and reductions in personal income tax rates for “non-habitual residents”. For non-European citizens, there is the Golden Visa. After making an investment of 500 thousand euros in Portugal real estate, the Golden Visa allows non-European citizens the freedom to move freely, and invest freely, within the Schengen area.