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6 reasons to consider local accommodation

When you book your holidays, immediately you think where you will stay accommodated. It can be a long vacation or a last-minute getaway, the important thing is to stay in a comfortable place with all the amenities you want.



Gone are the times when you only could rent a room in a hotel. These days, holidays are becoming more personalized. You can choose a closer location of your point of interest. Local accommodation came to revolutionize the hotel sector and opened more opportunities for the guests.

What is a fact is that this type of accommodation gains each month, more and more fans. That is justified by the vast number of people who check-in daily. During any season, local accommodation is available to welcome guests.


What are the advantages of staying in a local accommodation rather than a hotel? There are several, and we made a list with some advantages you’ll most likely agree with.


  • Location

A good location invites any guest to schedule their holiday stay. The closer to points of interest such as beaches, museums or urban centres, the better it is. Generally, this type of accommodation gets points for facilitating the mobility of the guest and avoiding having to drive.


  • Meals

If you like to have a night snack, you have that possibility at local accommodations. There is a kitchen at your disposal so that you can save on eating out. And who knows, you’ll venture into the local market and cook local recipes, with your fellow travellers or friends.


  • Family

If you have a numerous family, undoubtedly a local accommodation is a better option for a stress-free holiday. If you have children, you don't have to have them in the same room you are in. Due to the normal distribution of the house, you will have a room near yours, where your children can sleep safely.


  • Schedules

We know that in hotels, you have schedules to check-in, check-out and even to have breakfast, which you must comply with. Local accommodation also has check-in and check-out times, but may be more flexible whenever you ask. As for breakfast, everything will depend only on your willingness to get out of bed.


  • Activities

As we mentioned before, local accommodations are ready to welcome you at any time of the year. As such, you will always get the best information about what to do outside the house, by the manager of the accommodation. But even inside of some of these accommodations, you can find board games, movies, books or even swimming pools for the hot days of summer.


  • Availability

Even if you feel at home at the local accommodation it is never really the same. Naturally, you have some questions to do about some subjects. The management companies of the local accommodations are available also for that kind of function. You can always count on them to answer any questions, or even for special requests, through a telephone number.



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