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Algarve - The Best Destination to Live

The renowned Forbes magazine has brought together in an article the 20 most attractive destinations for North Americans to live. Based on the ranking created by Best European Destinations, the prestigious magazine mentioned the Algarve as one of the best destinations for young and retired people to spend their days.


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For the EBD Organization ranking, a few criteria were considered to make the 20 chosen destinations the best ones to live in. The quantity of international schools, life quality, health system, the cost of living and low crime was some of the specifications assessed in the first selection of 120 destinations, culminating in a list of only 20 places in the picture. This organization had already named the Algarve as one of the Best Beach Destinations in Europe in 2020, see the news here.



The ranking determines the best places for American expatriates to live, invest, retire or create new projects. Forbes' article describes the Algarve as the paradise of young digital nomads. The region has fast access, a close-by airport, and multiple recreational activities. It is compatible with those who favor a lifestyle without fixed hours. See the original Forbes article here.


The criteria that placed the Algarve and Braga in the list of the 20 Best Destinations to Live are already proven by all those who have swapped their country for the landscapes of Lusitanian lands. If you already had the privilege of spending holidays in Portugal, you have certainly come across some of the qualities that we will mention. If you have not already done so, find out what is making more and more people move to this corner of Europe.




In Portugal it is possible to study in private or public institutions, the first nine years of education being compulsory. One of the many benefits for foreigners to study here is the acquisition of Portuguese knowledge, the third most spoken language in the world. The private education option may involve choosing an international school. There are several international schools in the country, with greater incidence in the Algarve and the Lisbon region. See the complete list of international schools in Portugal, here.


Portugal has been working hard since 2015 to rise to European standards in the education field. Progress is remarkable from year to year, with the country already being recognised as the "rising star of international education". Want to know more about the education system in Portugal? Read this article.



Low criminality

Portugal is one of the most peaceful countries in the world. It is ranked in third place of the Global Peace Index of 2020. Therefore, it is safe to say that the country has a low crime rate and thus will be able to walk the streets at any time of day without the risk of being mugged. You should always be careful, but as a rule, people feel safe inside and outside their homes. Many factors have contributed to this sense of calm, one of which is the gradual recovery since the last financial crisis.


It is common knowledge that crimes, unfortunately, occur in all countries, and Portugal is no exception. In the Portuguese crime rate, most crimes do not resort to violence. Know all the benefits of being the third most peaceful country in the world here.




Portugal is culturally rich and deserves more lovers of its language and history. If you initially find the Portuguese language hard to learn, don't worry, because a large percentage of Portuguese people speaks English fluently. This way, it will always be easier to interact with the Portuguese and create lasting friendships.


Portuguese gastronomy is admired by all who visit us, so some of our best delicacies are already present in several worldwide cities. We leave some suggestions for restaurants that you can visit in the Algarve, here.


If you are considering moving to Portugal, you must first understand the health system reality. We have excellent professionals in both the public and private sectors, and there are differences only in the cost of one and the other. Stay informed here.


The cost of living compared to other European countries is low. If in other countries, dining out is a luxury, here you can have a full meal for 8.00 euros with fresh products. Education is free in the public education system, from 6 to 18 years old, coinciding with compulsory schooling.



Instead of getting to know this small country in size but great in quality through reading this article, no doubt that it would be gratifying to experience the life, the beauty, and the friendliness of Portugal. Will this be your next step?  Do not hesitate to contact us so that we can help you with your new life. Please contact: