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Autumn Home Decor 2020

In September we bid farewell to summer and vibrant colours, giving place to the home warmth while autumn slowly arrives outside.


Photo by: Daniel Chen, - Unsplash


The summer corresponds to happier colours, invites us to late outdoors dinners and always reminds us of the beach. Autumn, with its earthy tones, brings the melancholy of days spent at home. It's the blankets, the comfort and the lit fireplace that make us forget the season dedicated to the summer holidays.


The important thing in a house is to transmit our personality through the objects that decorate it. With this awareness, combine visual and physical comfort through colour and texture, respectively. The home decor know-how is an art, and if it is not your skill, you can always ask for qualified help from a professional. Decorating is not only about randomly placing objects on top of furniture, but it is also about knowing how to take advantage of every corner of your home in a harmonious way.


Are you aware of the new trends for autumn/winter 2020? We'll let you know what will be in vogue in the new season that starts on September 22nd.






Natural woods, without any varnish or colour, are one of the trends. Venture on unique objects with this material, such as side tables for the living room or bedside tables for the bedroom. Tree knots are a pattern created by nature and always look good with any decoration style. The busts and frames that combine natural wood and iron bring nature and art together into the home.


Handmade ceramics may be more directed towards the kitchen area, but, in fact, they can also be applied in all house spaces. They are beautiful, unique and transmit a rustic and homemade look. Bet on new table service, playing with the ceramic tones. If your kitchen has neutral tones, use the opportunity to give colour through ceramic crockery. On the other hand, if the kitchen has enough colour, opt for more neutral tones in the ceramics. In Portugal, there are several brands of ceramics, some more traditional, while others with a contemporary touch. When doing a short research, you will find ceramic crockery, as well as jars, pots, bowls to put candles or dried flowers. There is a world of opportunities in ceramics to make your home even more welcoming.


We can blame soft textiles for making us take longer to get out of bed or up from the sofa, of course! But we know that these textiles are indispensable for the colder seasons of the year. As such, it is a guaranteed presence in the houses during autumn and winter. These textiles include blankets, sheets and pillows that by this time of the year come out of the drawer directly onto the bed, chair or sofa.


The carpets help to delimit spaces and give a favourable thermal feeling on cold days. Here too, natural materials, such as seaweed, jute or sisal carpets, are requested. In these last two materials, it is mandatory to know that sisal is more resistant than jute, so it is excellent to leave the sisal mat in the areas of main crossing points.



Textures and Colours:


For some years now, the basis of the houses has been neutral tones to let the objects of our daily lives shine. It is in the objects that we apply the energetic tones and textures that bring personality to our home in this new season. Warm tones like dark yellow, maroon and orange, in contrast to cold tones of blue or classic blue, will give vitality and energy. These tones can be present in curtains or cushion patterns, as they tend to be in late 2020 and early 2021.


Our bedrooms always deserve special attention, because it is in this space that we rest and gain energy for a new day. Follow some tips for children's rooms here. Adult rooms are equally important and should excel in tidiness and cleanliness, read all about it here.



In recent months we have realized how important it is to have the house according to our needs, and above all, we understand that it must be harmonious and comfortable. Nothing like embracing the new season with materials and colours that refer to the balance and elegance of our home.